Victoria’s Secret identified a prevalent issue in their Middle Eastern market. A significant portion of their consumers were purchasing bras online without proper fitting. This resulted in 80% of women wearing incorrectly sized bras. Leading to discomfort and potential long-term health issues. Recognising the need to enhance customer satisfaction and support. Victoria’s Secret aimed to provide a solution that would ensure their consumers could find the perfect fit, thus enhancing their overall shopping experience and preventing the adverse effects of ill-fitting bras. The brand was committed to empowering their customers with the tools needed to make informed purchasing decisions, ensuring both comfort and support through the right bra size. The solution? Victoria’s Secret Mobile App Development.


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Amplify developed a comprehensive mobile application for Victoria’s Secret. Designed to enhance the shopping experience for users in the Middle East. This intuitive app features a detailed questionnaire that guides users through selecting the style, fit, and type of bra that best suits their personal measurements and preferences. Additionally, the app empowers users by allowing them to save their personalised fit data and schedule one-on-one in-store Bra-Fit appointments with certified experts at their local Victoria’s Secret store.

To further personalise the user experience. The application incorporates a digital magazine showcasing the full range of Victoria’s Secret products. This feature tailors content based on the user’s preferences and buying history, offering special promotions and exclusive offers. This strategic integration not only improves customer satisfaction but also enhances loyalty. By providing a tailored shopping journey that respects individual needs and preferences.


The Victoria’s Secret mobile application was successfully launched initially in the United Arab Emirates. Followed by a broader rollout across the MENA region. Available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store, this app has become a pivotal tool in bridging the gap between online browsing and in-store purchases. By facilitating easy scheduling of Bra-Fit appointments. The app not only enhances the in-store experience but also drives significant foot traffic to physical locations.

The app has also been instrumental in increasing customer loyalty. By offering a tailored shopping experience and exclusive rewards. Since its beta launch in September 2020, the app has shown promising results in enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. The integration of a loyalty system rewards users for both in-app activities and in-store purchases. Further cementing the app’s role in boosting Victoria’s Secret’s retail strategy in the region.

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