Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage Solutions

Appspace Digital Signage

Digital signage is an integral platform and channel for both the HR internal communications team and retail communication.

Amplify helps brands to create content strategies, HTML cards, Videos layouts, and Games that can educate the employee or the consumer. We can also give you branded corporate equivalent Netflix / Apple tv style interfaces that allow users with touchscreens or mobile devices to navigate your intranet visually.

Amplify’s a talented team of developers who can build apps, kiosk software solutions, Wayfinders, room schedules that are responsive to the video wall, TVs, and screens resolution that you already have installed at your Headquarters or retail store.

We can help manage and automate your digital signage content giving you the ability to publish content live to screens anywhere in the world from a single headless content management system. If you already have an enterprise-level digital signage subscription, Amplify can work within your Digital signage platform to develop content, develop card apps or widgets. We currently partner with major platforms like Appspace, Tint, and MediaVue and have developed enterprise-level solutions for some of the biggest brands in the world.

We can build static, dynamic or interactive content and have developed solutions in or outside of enterprise-level signage software;

Types of content we have developed and deployed


  • Employee digital notice boards.
  • Digital GDPR Registration sign in apps.
  • Digital or interactive Wayfinders in 2D & 3D.
  • Whether or Newsfeeds.
  • Broadcast quality animations or productions.
  • Thematic 3D or video animation displays like seen at Hollister or Salesforce buildings.
  • Meeting room solutions, booking a room.
  • Sales performance and call center data charts.
  • Analytics apps. 
  • Social media walls.
  • Interactive and gesture-controlled walls.


Why not reach out to one of our experts to see a live demonstration of our digital signage solutions or speak to one of our content specialists who can help you to develop an internal or external communication plan for your digital signage network.


If you are looking to boost offline or online spend via fun, interactive, digital or mobile experiences, drop Amplify a message