The challenge for traditional banks has always been modernising their processes to keep up with rapidly changing consumer expectations and technological advancements. The goal was straightforward yet ambitious: transform and digitise traditional banking processes to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. By introducing interactive technology and streamlining operations, the bank aimed to offer instant gratification and a superior customer experience that not only met but exceeded customer expectations.


Collaborating with digital solution providers like Appspace and 2.0 Concepts, Amplify held strategic workshops to thoroughly understand AUBK’s specific needs, focusing on identifying key banking products suitable for digital transformation. This approach was structured around Amplify’s comprehensive 5D methodology, which ensured all aspects of the client’s requirements were met.

To facilitate this digital overhaul, Amplify’s development team engineered a sophisticated app that integrates seamlessly with the Appspace digital signage platform. This app revolutionises the in-branch experience by offering an interactive, fully responsive interface that guides users through AUBK’s digital banking products. It allows customers to request services directly within the bank branch, minimising the need for human interaction.

Enhancing customer engagement, the app provides detailed product information, real-time currency exchange rates, and interactive mortgage and financial calculators. Additionally, the app includes entertaining games to keep children engaged while their parents conduct banking activities. This initiative is a key part of the AUBK Digital Transformation project, marking a significant milestone in modernising customer interactions and streamlining banking operations.

The Appspace platform equips AUBK’s banking staff with the capability to edit and update content remotely from any location globally. This flexibility enables them to tailor and dispatch various versions of the app directly from the cloud, adapting to different needs and contexts. Staff can seamlessly switch between dynamic digital signage displays, interactive applications, or even curated playlists of content. This feature ensures that all digital interactions remain relevant, engaging, and up-to-date, providing customers with personalized banking experiences while maintaining operational efficiency across all branches.


The digital transformation executed by Amplify for AUBK has fundamentally enhanced the banking experience. Saving customers valuable time and offering them quick access to secure information directly in the branch. By developing a custom app that integrates seamlessly with existing digital infrastructure. Amplify has enabled AUBK to provide an innovative, interactive customer journey that rivals online banking offerings. This transformation not only improves customer satisfaction but also maintains AUBK’s relevance and brand identity in a rapidly evolving financial landscape. Through these strategic implementations, Amplify has positioned AUBK to effectively compete with online banks, ensuring a dynamic and engaging customer experience in both digital and physical realms.


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– Rafaqat Project Manager

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