It’s estimated that over 30% of UAE consumers will continue to shop online post COVID-19 and with people using apps to make quick and simple orders becoming more apparent, we would highly recommend considering launching your own mobile application. A unique application will not only become a platform for your customers to purchase your products through the app or social media. They can also learn rewards and have access to unique content. In return the application will give you the opportunity to own your consumer and ensure all your marketing efforts are measured and driven to one source. 

Over recent years, Amplify have designed and developed a range of mobile applications. We have a dedicated team of in-house designers and mobile application developers which ensures a smooth, seamless and timely delivery of projects. Clients can visit our office to work with our team or schedule video calls knowing there will not be any communication barriers. 

We recommend developing mobile applications in React Native – a language that combines the best parts of native development and best in class Java Script libraries for building interfaces. React also lets you develop truly native apps, meaning it does not compromise your users experience. Developed by Facebook, the code has been used to deliver some of the biggest brand apps in the world. Apps developed in this language include Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, Skype, Wix, Linux and Pinterest to name but a few!

The benefits of this app means you would only have one core code that can be deployed and exported to Android and Apple. Making it cost effective to maintain and roll out into other Countries.

Once developed Amplify can support with any updates or maintenance of your mobile application. We can also assist in developing a marketing strategy to launch your new app into the market. 

Introducing a headless CMS solution

Nespresso and Shaving Club are two prime examples of brilliant marketing concepts that nurture relationships, loyalty and value. They allow the brand to retain ownership of the story and to sell exclusive bolt ons that we couldn’t bundle in a Carrefour or even a current eCommerce platform logistically.

Technology now allows us to develop one content management system that powers everything. From Facebook and Instagram shops, affiliate marketing links – so influencers can sell your product and get commission uniquely. It can also power games that build loyalty. Apps can house exclusive products or promotions. Pop up shops will have the ability to take mobile payments from apple or google pay.

This solution also ensures that any traffic you generate gives you a actual cost per conversion = no more lost sales! Best of all you can re-market the database direct, no need for pixels or cookies!

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