Outdoor Advertising

Out of home advertising has got some bad press in recent years, but technology advancements are seeing the industry recover, and there are still not many better mediums to raise awareness and credibility than OOH media. Our media team can help you build a 360 media plan, offering traditional outdoor static boards through to dynamic and interactive digital signage placements. 

We also have technology that can collect data from the advertising capturing every time someone looks at your product or even picks it up! We collect all of this information and add it to a cloud-based dashboard. Our interactive development team can also code you content that interacts with the consumer, not only grabbing their attention but educating them via invisible speakers but making the activation truly memorable.

We have long standing relationships with major networks and only charge a small management fee, meaning you get the actual rate from the supplier with no markup!

Outdoor Activations

Should you want to take your outdoor activation one step further, we can design and build activations that encourage consumers or the public to stand and engage. We have delivered activations instore at retail for brands ranging from Victoria Secret, Pink, through to beach events for Banana Boat & Ladival through to sports activations at gyms and sporting events for brands like Radian Sun & Sport. Find out more about our activation team here

Digital signage

If you’re looking for performance metrics on your outdoor advertising or even looking to engage a workforce and educate them on internal policy or ensure that they follow regulations, or simply you want to ensure they find their way to you, we have an offering. 

We have built digital wayfinders for global brands, and work with Appspace a network signage software that enables companies to deliver content on their own network. Speak to one of our experts now or find out more here about digital signage.

Our work

We have delivered every type of outdoor media for clients in the MENA region. Including lampost, billboard, TV, digital signage, interactive floors, digital shelf strips, projection balloons, branded cars, trams, and even guerilla installations. We take the headache away from you and organize and negotiate on your behalf, gaining licenses where required. 

Don’t forget we also offer programmatic advertising too, we offer Youtube mastheads or Display network placements, Facebook, IGTV, Tictoc, we have a media placement and a capable team that can make your brand stand out! Click here to learn more.


For over a decade we have worked with many global and local FMCG brands in the Middle East, here’s some of our work.