POS and Packaging Design Services at Amplify

At Amplify, we are not just an advertising, design, and communications agency; we are your partners in building a strong brand identity and developing highly visible, influential Point of Sale (POS). POS, a specialised form of sales promotion within Below-The-Line (BTL) marketing, is strategically designed to capture customers’ attention, effectively highlighting new or existing products, special offers, or promotional events, including seasonal or holiday sales.

In-House Design Studio Expertise

Our in-house design studio excels at crafting striking POS and packaging designs, alongside creative executions for all BTL marketing services. From the initial concept of packaging to the necessary adaptation and translation services for localised market reach, Amplify handles every aspect with precision. We design key visuals, flyers, posters, mega displays, and pop-up displays for gondolas or countertops, ensuring every Point of Sale hits the mark.

Furthermore, our range of promotional designs includes danglers, wobblers, banners, and shelf strips. Additionally, we offer innovative BTL solutions that seamlessly integrate offline marketing tactics with online strategies. This includes in-store Augmented Reality activations that ensure your campaigns are both engaging and effective.

Expertise in Global Market Adaptations

Understanding local markets and cultural nuances is crucial for the successful adaptation of global campaigns to local audiences. We excel in making visual materials relevant and appealing by including local languages and meeting regional packaging requirements. We are equipped to handle adaptations in multiple languages, including Arabic, Spanish, French, and Italian, thanks to the capabilities in both our Dubai and UK offices.

Over the years, we have successfully created and adapted POS materials in both English and Arabic for some of the world’s largest brands, such as Stada, Panadol, Finish, Banana Boat, Aquafresh, and Sensodyne. This vast experience underscores our ability to manage projects with multiple SKUs and tailor marketing materials to meet the specific needs of various regions.

Connect with Our BTL Experts

Are you looking for POS and packaging design services? Do you have a brand that requires expert BTL marketing adaptation or bespoke packaging design? Talk to one of our BTL experts today. Let Amplify help you create tailored marketing solutions that resonate with your target audience and significantly amplify your brand’s presence in the marketplace.


In store

In-store displays and stands


Adapt global designs and packaging for the Middle East or Europe


Translate labels and packaging


Encourage prospects and customers to purchase products by designing and producing beautiful packaging

Point of Sale

Floor stickers, shelf strips, wobblers, gondola dressing etc

Promotional Items

Branded promotional items from mugs and pens to bags and press packs