Interactive Floor & Wall Displays

Interactive walls and floors are one of our innovation team specialities! Having developed applications and software for many different clients across the world. Ranging from Premier league clubs in England through to shopping malls and retail stores in the Middle East. Our Interactive wall and floor software is one of our most popular engagement tactics. It provides the opportunity to create a huge interactive walls or floor display using any type of display technology.

The software can cater for most technologies ranging from short throw projectors to plasma or LED screens. You can eliminate shadow and allow people to walk right up to the wall and interact with it.

For most installations you can use our standard Interactive wall and floor software. It can be used with one or more projectors/displays and a PC. Creating an interactive wall or floor of any shape or size. With built in edge blending, you can use multiple projectors to create larger interactive walls or floors that will be displayed as a single seamless interactive image.

Don’t forget, an advantage of our interactive software is that you are not limited to just projection. You can also use it with other displays technology like LED and Plasma walls!

The interactive wall or floor software effect / templates are completely configurable. You can insert your own backgrounds, logo, videos, sounds, settings etc. Our configuration dialogues are extremely easy to use enabling you to create an unlimited number of unique effects. As well as having an unlimited amount of different advertisers on the display.

There are a lot of variables to consider when looking to install an interactive wall or interactive floor in the Middle East. We will require key information like the size of the display, the resolution, ceiling height (If a projection floor) room brightness in Lux. Also we need to know what kind of effect you are looking to produce when the user activates the floor. To make this simple, we have developed a questionnaire to help you send us the correct information first time. This will allow us to quote you accurately and quickly.




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