In 2023, RIV Capital, known for it’s innovative approach in the finance and technology sectors, aimed to extend it’s influence from Europe to the Middle East. The challenge was multifaceted: adapting a successful European business model to the distinct Middle Eastern market. Navigating complex regulatory environments including VARA’s new product approvals, and refreshing the brand to resonate within the local market. Reaching out to Amplify for support with Finance Marketing Dubai.


To ensure a strategic market entry for RIV Capital, Amplify conducted in-depth market research to tailor our approach specifically to Middle Eastern nuances. Recognising the need for agility in our marketing strategy, we adeptly adjusted to regulatory changes and seamlessly integrated new product offerings. 

A major component of our strategy was a comprehensive rebranding initiative. We redesigned RIV Capital’s logo to reflect its cutting-edge nature, overhauled the website and app interfaces to enhance user experience, and created compelling corporate branding materials. These efforts were designed to solidify RIV Capital’s presence as a forward-thinking leader in the new market.


RIV Capital sought to enhance brand visibility and engagement through a comprehensive rebranding effort. 

Amplify used its expertise to create a new brand identity and logo for RIV. From selecting the right color palette to deeply understanding what the brand stands for, Amplify crafted a logo that resonates with RIV’s values and connects with customers on a meaningful level. 

This rebranding effort reinforced RIV’s corporate identity and demonstrated Amplify’s ability to deliver high-quality, impactful branding solutions tailored to the client’s vision and goals.

Social Media and Content Strategy:

Amplify developed a dynamic social media and content strategy to effectively amplify RIV Capital’s market presence. We crafted high-quality, engaging content aimed at educating and captivating potential clients and stakeholders. 

Our targeted social media campaigns showcased RIV Capital’s unique solutions and insights into the finance and technology sectors, enhancing brand visibility and engagement. By fostering a community around the brand, we facilitated robust online interactions, establishing RIV Capital as a thought leader in the industry.

Branded Promotional Items:

Amplify leveraged our expertise in design and production to create a comprehensive merchandise suite for RIV Capital. This included brochures, apparel such as shirts and caps, as well as pens, notebooks, and other items. In addition, we also designed wall signs for their office and business cards for employees. The branded items not only enhanced RIV’s corporate identity but also provided practical tools for customer engagement, demonstrating Amplify’s ability to deliver high-quality, effective marketing materials tailored to the client’s needs.


Amplify took charge of developing and designing a comprehensive website that reflected RIV Capital’s vision and professionalism.

This project involved not only creating a user-friendly and visually appealing website but also orchestrating a professional photoshoot to capture high-quality images. These images were carefully curated to enhance the website’s aesthetic and effectively communicate RIV Capital’s brand identity. 

Amplify’s holistic approach ensured that every element, from the website layout to the imagery, was meticulously crafted to resonate with RIV Capital’s target audience and support their business goals.


Amplify designed an intuitive and user-friendly app for RIV Capital customers, known as the RIV Wallet app. This app provides a seamless experience for users to buy, trade, and store tokens, along with additional features to manage their digital assets efficiently. 

The RIV Wallet app boasts an exceptional UI/UX design, ensuring that customers can navigate through the app with ease and confidence. Amplify focused on creating a visually appealing interface combined with practical functionality, making complex transactions simple and accessible for all users.


The collaboration between RIV Capital and Amplify has redefined industry standards for strategic marketing within the finance and technology sectors in the Middle East. Our rebranding initiatives and targeted marketing strategies significantly amplified RIV Capital’s brand recognition and broadened its market reach. Notably, the refreshed brand identity resonated strongly with the target audience, and the enhanced digital presence led to increased engagement and higher conversion rates, especially with the launch of innovative financial products.

If you’re aiming to transform your brand and seize new market opportunities, partner with Amplify for strategic marketing solutions that deliver results. Contact us today to learn how we can help elevate your brand’s presence and ensure sustained success in your industry.

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