Digital Marketing Management & Reporting

Amplify can support you with a variety of social media services to suit your business goals and objectives, from full social media page management which includes responding to comments, questions and enquiries within a certain time frame. Also detailed monthly reporting, analytics and social listening.

If you have an in-house social media team, Amplify can work alongside them and provide content creation or support with strategy, planning and advertising campaigns. We know every client is different, so provide bespoke services to suit your requirements and budgets.

Social Media Marketing

Amplify can support you with scheduling and managing your social media content. We have the latest social media tools to be able to schedule content in advance. However we also recognise the importance of sharing relevant content live – in real-time. Our social team can join you at locations to post live from events or we can work with your team to share live posts, product launches or news as it happens. 

Community management should be an essential part of your social media strategy. It is essentially what will set you apart from your competitor. Amplify can provide a dedicated team member to manage your social media pages, maintaining your brands reputation, as well as engaging and entertaining your target audience. 

Community management responsibilities are more than just replying to a message, our team will become your brands customer representative. An expert in your products and services, a friend to your followers, whilst always being timely and on brand. 

We don’t provide fans comments with a single ‘like’ we thank them personally for their support. Our communication efforts will always reflect your brand and your audience, connecting with your fans in more deep and meaningful ways, building trust and showing the brand truly cares about their community.

We recommend being completely transparent on social media, responding to both positive and negative comments equally and accordingly, recognising the importance of dealing with any situation as it arises and minimising any further issues. 

In today’s world of social media, it’s not enough to post high quality content, daily management should also be key to ensuring successful growth and success. 






Social Media Reporting

Amplify provides monthly reporting services to our clients using industry-leading analytics and tools to uncover the performance of social media channels. We can also industry benchmark to allow you to compare your performance metrics like follower, engagement and reach. Our in-depth reporting enables our clients to measure and understand how their brand is being mentioned on channels like Instagram and who is talking about them. We can track your competitor’s performance against your own and provide in-depth hashtag performance. 

All influencer campaigns are also tracked and reported, giving our clients full access to data and the ability to measure success. 

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Raise awareness, engage and generate leads with B2B and B2C prospects and consumers


Create high quality visual content for B2C prospects and consumers


Microblogging news feed to interact with industry thought-leaders, content and B2B and B2C prospects and consumers


Professional network designed to encourage trust relationships between B2B prospects, consumers, employers and employees


Increase community engagement and brand awareness through innovative marketing campaigns targeted at B2C prospects and consumers


Incorporate as part of a Display Network Campaign or publish original content on a brand channel and distribute across other social networks