Digital Content Creation

Amplify are content creators at heart, a team of creatives united by passion for design and the power of a simple story well told. We believe that content is king when it comes to achieving a successful marketing campaign. Whether it is a written blog post or article, photo, video or animation. Amplify can plan, design and promote content to the right audience, on the right channel at the right time. 

As search engines continue to understand rich media such as videos, infographics and images continue to evolve, the need for brands to invest in content marketing is essential. Our aim is to develop and design content that boosts your website authority, driving more traffic and increasing sales. Working with your brand, Amplify can create content that is visually appealing, engaging and useful to your target audience. 

If you want to generate a community around your brand, educate or entertain – Amplify will research your target audience to understand their attitudes, behaviours and needs. Using our in-house team of content strategists, copywriters, graphic designers and developers will create original, quality and sharable content that benefits your audience. 

Long are the days gone when static websites used to rank high in search engines without any new updates on the website. With over 2 million blog posts published each day on the internet your outdated content may just get lost somewhere far down the internet.

Original, high quality and informative blog posts are the factors that Google considers to rank a website higher in Search Engine Ranking Positions. Amplify provides the solutions for our clients to update their blog frequently with an extensive analysis and deep keyword research to find the terms that can lead to conversions on the website while being helpful to the users as well.

So keep your website fresh with the frequent blog updates on your website to get more leads for your business.



Cut through online noise and get users visual attention with images to make content more memorable


Increase a brands online presence by sending journalists, bloggers and influencers online press releases to gain high quality backlinks, social media mentions and to improve SEO


Increase a brands online visibility by driving website traffic, establishing authority and improving SEO