As Spotify continued its rapid global expansion, the need for an advanced internal communications system became apparent. The company sought to improve how employees interacted with their physical workspaces and enhance navigation within their offices worldwide.



Amplify was chosen by Spotify for our expertise in digital innovation. We developed a state-of-the-art 3D interactive wayfinder application that revolutionised Spotify’s internal communications. This application, powered by the robust Appspace API, features intuitive room scheduling and aggregates both internal communications and social media content.

The wayfinder is equipped with user-friendly digital kiosks that allow employees to quickly find and book available rooms and view them in 360-degree detail. Additionally, the app displays relevant social media posts, keeping the team connected and informed of company-wide news and updates.


Initially piloted in Sweden, the interactive wayfinder has demonstrated significant potential to enhance navigation and streamline internal communications at Spotify. Feedback from the pilot indicates a marked improvement in how employees interact with their work environment, leading to increased efficiency and satisfaction.

With the success of the pilot, plans are underway for a global rollout of the wayfinder application across Spotify’s offices. This deployment is expected to support Spotify’s ongoing global growth strategy by fostering a more connected and dynamic workplace.

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