Production at Amplify

Having started in live events in London in 2002 the agency heritage in production started before the launch of HD resolutions & flat screens! Yes, no drones! We used helicopters, cranes, and even ladders sometimes even flight cases (Before the days of health & safety). 

Technology has advanced phenomenally since those days with most of our post-production completed on software rather than edit suites, we can stream live video over the net to anywhere in the world and produce corporate digital interactive Tv channels with screen branding like Netflix, Sky News, or the BBC!

Production quality content is now mainstream and having quality content is a must for the modern channels that consumers frequent on. 

Whether you are looking to do a photography shoot, an explainer video, a photo shoot or even a podcast or live production Amplify can support you. 

The team at Amplify has delivered live and recorded productions all over the world, you will see our content used by brands ranging from Fiji water through to SAP and major airlines and on some of the biggest digital signage networks in the Middle East.

We have great knowledge of filming locations and can storyboard your ideas and help you build a story worth telling. Whether you are looking to produce static print quality content or dynamic interactive content that captures attention. 

Check out some of our production services below in the UAE:

  • Videography in Dubai & Abu Dhabi
  • Photography in Dubai & Abu Dhabi
  • Podcasts In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Should you need support outside of the country, no problem just let us know our crew is used to working in some of the most remote locations on earth having produced content in desserts, snows, and at sea!