2D & 3D Animation

With over ten years of in-market animation and videography experience in the Middle-East Amplify is one of Dubai’s leading studios. Having started in the early 2000’s in the UK producing animations & on-screen graphics for live events, including the Champions League final in Manchester, Kyle Minogue’s relaunch tour in the UK & Renault trucks

Over the past few years, our team has grown and can offer the different types of animators and creative services in house at our JLT studio, our team in Dubai are capable of producing Storyboards, 2D animation, 3D animation or even 4D video mapping animation. We do not outsource and you can even sit with one of our team to approve the final output, ensuring communication is smooth.

We have produced animation for some of the biggest brands in the world and you will see many examples across the world in high profile locations & online having delivered numerous 3D Wayfinder animations for brands like Spotify, FAB, AUBK, ANB, FIFA, GHD properties, 3D packaging for FMCG brands ranging from Panadol, Ladival, Gillette, Fiji water and Wonderful nuts

Our 2D team has developed storyboards, creative concepts, explainer videos, tutorials, and youtube commercials for advertising campaigns for global brands ranging from Pepsi, Etisalat, Google Chrome, SAP, to smaller local brands and SME’s.

As a partner for both Appspace, MediaVue, and 2.0 concepts we have delivered huge 16k animations for digital signage installations, you can see our work in some of the biggest financial institutions in the world! Our cast experience in the world of internal communication allows us to also help you write a content strategy and advise on how, where, and when to display content.

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