Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage Solutions

Transform Communication with Amplify's Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage is a powerful communication tool used by HR for internal communications and by retail businesses to engage customers. At Amplify, we specialise in crafting dynamic content strategies that enhance these communications, whether you’re looking to educate employees or interact with customers.

Custom Content Creation for Digital Signage

Our expertise extends to creating diverse digital contents such as HTML cards, video layouts, and interactive games that inform and engage your audience. We can design branded, corporate Netflix or Apple TV-style interfaces that make navigating your intranet a visually engaging experience for users on touchscreens or mobile devices.

Responsive Software Development

Amplify’s talented team of developers can construct custom applications, kiosk software solutions, and wayfinders that adapt to the specific resolutions of video walls, TVs, and screens installed at your headquarters or retail locations. This ensures a seamless display and functionality across all digital signage installations.

Content Management and Automation

Manage your digital signage content effortlessly with our solutions that allow you to publish content live to screens around the world from a single, headless content management system. If you already use an enterprise-level digital signage platform, Amplify can enhance it by developing tailored content, card apps, or widgets. We partner with major platforms like Appspace, Tint, and MediaVue, and have crafted enterprise-level solutions for some of the world’s leading brands.

Diverse Digital Signage Content Solutions

Amplify develops a range of content types for digital signage, including:

  • Employee digital notice boards
  • Digital GDPR registration sign-in apps
  • Interactive wayfinders in 2D & 3D
  • Weather and news feeds
  • Broadcast-quality animations and productions
  • Thematic 3D or video animation displays, as seen in Hollister or Salesforce buildings
  • Meeting room booking solutions
  • Sales performance and call centre data charts
  • Analytics applications
  • Social media walls
  • Interactive and gesture-controlled walls
Explore Our Digital Signage Capabilities

Interested in seeing what Amplify’s digital signage solutions can do for your organization? Reach out for a live demonstration or consult with one of our content specialists to develop a comprehensive internal or external communication plan for your digital signage network.


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