Event and Activations Management

Events and activations is a key component of the marketing mix and a great way of raising your company profile or product line whilst educating and underlining your value proposition. One of the first questions we ask a prospective client when they enquire about support for the event is: Why do you want to do an event or activation? It’s a question that may seem obvious however it’s surprising how many prospective clients actually can’t give a definitive answer. The key to a successful event whether it be a conference, exhibition or even mall activation is to be focused on why you are there and also what your objective is and how will this marketing touch point return upon investment?

It then tends to throw up more questions than answers for example; is the event/ activation geared towards sales or just to raise awareness? Is it to launch a new product? If so is the product appearing? What is its value proposition? Are we educating existing customers or are we looking to capture prospective business or just make our presence felt? Next is location, where is the event or activation to take place? Does it meet your target audience? Even the location can be critical in fulfilling your objectives.

Ampilfy can help you to answer these questions, guiding you through the customer journey from invite to exit. We know what is required to deliver a successful event. We can manage as much or as little of an event. From the concept, design and creation to the entire production of the site and materials. Permissions and local licenses can be sourced and the very best promotional teams to suit your event, brand or campaign. Whether its in a busy shopping mall or a beach location, we have the skills and expertise to meet your expectations and more. Working in collaboration with our digital & innovation team enables us to incorporate a range of technology into all of our campaigns. We can create bespoke data capture applications, install interactive floors and walls or use augmented reality on our huge indoor or outdoor displays. The possibilities are endless!

We can not only plan and manage your event but also market it to your target audience through all forms of media as well as media management. We offer free event consultancy so why not fill out our briefing form and meet us for a no obligation consultation and quote.