Radian – 360 Marketing Campaign

Radian - 360 marketing campaign


Stada Pharmaceutical approached Amplify Marketing to develop a 360-degree strategy to launch their muscle and pain relief Radian product range into the Middle Eastern market.


Amplify conducted the 5D Methodology to identify the brands’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We developed a 360-degree marketing strategy to increase awareness, engagement, education and drive sales.
Amplify identified during the Discovery phase that customers needed educating on when to use the heat (before exercise) and ice (after exercise) products. The Discovery phase highlighted that the dated packaging did not appeal to the younger, fitness audience that Radian wished to target. As the packaging can not be changed, Amplify developed a key visual that modernised the brand and increased the desire to use.
Amplify created content, manage and publish Radian social media content across the Middle East. We utilized the Instagram grid to educate on how and when to use the products.
We designed and developed a localised UAE website to A/B test to the markets different audiences.
Amplify have created 3D models of the Radian products, as well as in-store merchandising POS.
We developed the concept for Radian’s beach hut sponsorship of the 2019 Dubai Fitness Challenge with a pre-workout area for warm-up (Radian Heat) and a post-workout area (Radian Ice). To encourage people to engage with the brand and reward them for doing so, Amplify created a spin the wheel game to allow participants to win prizes.
Amplify organised and managed the sponsorship of the Radian Dragon’s Football club, who compete weekly in the Dubai Amateur Football League. The players wear Radian sponsored kit and receive Radian products, in exchange for social media user-generated content.


The Radian Arabia Facebook page has grown to over 76,000-page likes, generated a 60% increase in page impressions and received a 158% increase in post likes. The Instagram page has achieved over 1 million impressions in the first 4 months and over 13,000 profile views.


“The Radian brand is performing really well in terms of brand awareness and engagement on social media channels! We love working with Amplify, who consistently think outside of the box and help us differentiate the brand from its competitors!”


From 360-degree strategies, traditional marketing and event activations to website creation, social media and digital marketing, Amplify can assist with all your marketing needs. Contact us today!
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PINK! Dubai Festival City Event Activation

PINK Dubai Festival City Event Activation


Victoria Secret PINK! approached Amplify to help increase customer spend in-store, boost engagement and create a memorable seasonal event at Dubai Festival City Mall.


Amplify created a ’12 Days of Gifting’ interactive game. Customers were required to spend a certain amount in-store and were rewarded, by getting a chance to select a door to open on the interactive advent calendar. Amplify packed the retail event full of fun games and experiences such as glitter face art, lucky dips and doughnut walls.
Amplify created a ’12 Days of Gifting’ interactive game. Customers were required to spend a certain amount in-store and were rewarded, by getting a chance to select a door to open on the interactive advent calendar. Amplify packed the retail event full of fun games and experiences such as glitter face art, lucky dips and doughnut walls.


The event was covered by Cosmopolitan Middle East and Amplify drove over 85 game conversions in just 2 hours!


“Amplify have organised multiple retail activation events, assisting the PINK! Brand to combine offline retail stores with the digital transformation!”
If you are looking to boost offline or online spend via fun, interactive, digital or mobile experiences, drop Amplify a message




Amplify were tasked with building an application for Victoria’s Secret PINK! to target predominantly Arabic young females across the GCC countries. The challenge was to make the app sticky, and ensure that people who have downloaded the app, continue to use the app.


To keep the app sticky, and ensure that users continue using the app after downloading, Amplify developed fun and engaging games, based around the iconic VSPink dog.

The endless runner game ‘FETCH!’ was created by the Amplify development team to encourage gamers to collect dog bones, gift boxes and VSPink products in exchange for points and lives. They can compete against other users to top the live, in-app leaderboard. By playing the game, the players can gain access to exclusive special offers, vouchers, promotions and events, specific to their personalised buying habits.


The application is due to be launched in the United Arab Emirates and later rolled out to the MENA region in August 2020. The app will be deployed to both Google Play Android and Apple App Stores. The app will provide Victoria’s Secret PINK! the ability to sell their products on mobile and via their social media channels through one CMS.

Wonderful Nuts


Wonderful Pistachios and Almonds tasked Amplify to assist in their penetration of Middle Eastern markets, as a result of their inundated success in Europe and the USA. They tasked us to complete a social media strategy.

With Spain going into lockdown due to COVID-19 at the end of Q1 and start of Q2 2020, the number of YouTube video views increased by 13%, compared to 2019.  Amplify’s long-term client, The Wonderful Company, wanted to deploy YouTube Ads to increase awareness of the Wonderful Iberia brand within the Spanish regions, whilst the population are self-isolating at home and consuming more video content.

Amplify created a Gamification project for KSA and UAE Wonderful Pistachios and Almonds. The idea was to target mobile game fans, linking Wonderful Pistachios to a healthy product and collect data for retargeting.



Amplify created a 12-month social media strategy, then delivered monthly content calendars for each social channel. We advised using unique content for each specific platform, avoiding the traditional blanket approach. Animation was used to great effect, capturing consumers attention and maximising engagement. We also created a touch application for Wonderful to use at events to encourage people to follow the brand on social media. We used a 3 x 3 strategy that aimed to educate, increase brand awareness and promote engagement.


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The game was developed to reward customers who purchased the Wonderful Pistachios product. The more the consumer purchased the more lives they got and a greater chance of winning prizes and topping the weekly leaderboard. The project called ‘Munch Run’ can be downloaded from Apple or Android stores. 

The game was promoted across the Wonderful Arabia Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels. We increased awareness of the game with Google Ads across the Google Display Network.


In 2019 alone, the Wonderful Arabia Facebook page has reached over 3.5 million people. We discovered that video content is successful with Wonderful Arabia’s target audience, with over 1,100,000 people watching the brands videos on Facebook so far in 2019. Our main goal when working with brands social media platforms is not only to boost brand awareness but also ensure the content we create and promote is engaging. In 2019, over 80,000 people have liked/shared/commented on Wonderful Arabia’s social media posts – which is a big thumbs up from us! As a result of the huge success of Wonderful Arabia, Amplify has now been commissioned to manage Wonderful Iberia, Wonderful France, Wonderful Italy and Wonderful Iraq social media platforms.
Based on Wonderful’s targeting, settings, total campaign budget and bid, Amplify estimated generating 1.4M – 2.2M impressions with an average CPM of AED5.88 – AED9.18.

Over 4,000 people have played the game so far in KSA after the first week. Sales have increased as well as social engagement. The game is now rolling out to other countries.