Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the key channels for a brand/business to directly communicate with their consumers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It enables you to not only generate awareness of who you are, educate on your services or products and engage with your audience, but also build desire and with the right strategy drive conversions.

Amplify is a leading Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai. We believe that content should be created for each channel and tailored to the target audience using the right tactics. It should reflect quality over quantity and be relevant to the audience, your brand and social media objectives.

Amplify can work with you to identify the right strategy to achieve your social media goals. Whether that be to increase reach and visibility of your brand or drive online sales. Many brands get caught up in ‘collecting’ social media fans that will never engage or purchase their product. Amplify believes in building communities of REAL fans who love your brand. Increasing word of mouth advertising and user-generated content whilst also producing valuable conversions.

We can also amplify your social media campaigns with a range of gamification strategies. Offering a structured yet fun way to engage and reward users and in turn amplify your social content.

Amplify uses industry-leading analytics and tools to uncover the performance of your social media channels. We can industry benchmark to allow you to compare your performance metrics like follower, engagement and reach. Our in-depth reporting enables our clients to measure and understand how their brand is being mentioned on Instagram, we can also track your competitor’s performance against your own and hashtag performance.

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