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Sharjah Government approached Amplify Marketing Agency to create an innovative interactive projection display for their new presentation room. The room was just 5 meters wide and required the latest Benq ultra short throw projectors and warping software.

The Project

Using state-of-the-art warping and blending software, Amplify created a full 360 immersive room that can be used for a variety of presentations, seminars and training. The 5 meter room has a fully interactive projection layer and enables delegates to reveal content.

The 360 content developed by Amplify in 5k resolution, will allow Sharjah e-government to take people on virtual tours around the Country and educate through gamification.

The room has the ability to schedule digital signage content and the user can develop content on 360 video cameras to showcase on the interactive projection display.

If you would like to know more about interactive video or 360 projection click onto our interactive page and fill out the interactive wall contact us form.

360 Dome Projection in Dubai
Amplify Dubai Dome Projection

The room uses digital signage software to turn the room interactive and schedule content. 5 Ceiling mounted cameras capture movement relaying it back to a single master player.

Gov of Sharjah

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