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Amplify worked with a new retail brand POP! Part of the Brands International chain they approached us to install a fully interactive LED floor into several of their new stores across the Middle East.

The Project

The first floor was installed at the Avenues Mall in Oman and more recently another at Al Hamra Mall in Ras al-Khaimah. The floors feature an interactive underwater Sealife theme to suit the brand’s range of beach clothing and accessories. As the consumer walks across the floor the water ripples and the various fish, sharks and sealife interact with movement.

The large colourful interactive floor makes a welcoming entrance into the store and attracts interest of passers by, enticing families into the store. The interactive LED floor has been so popular people travel from a far to see the floor and visit the store. The floors can be adapted with pop up’s and additional engagement with the consumer.

RAK Pop World Interactive Floor Installations
Pop World Store Instalation
Interactive LEDs Agency in Dubai

Our interactive installation at Pop! stores in both Ras Al-Khaimah and Oman showcases a new retail concept. The interactive LED floor technology will attract people into the store in a fun engaging manner. The content management system allows Pop’s marketing team to schedule adverts and offers throughout the day and calendar year.

Pop World Interactive floor
Interactive floor Pop RAK

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