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What is Augmented Reality Marketing?

This technology essentially superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world. It allows the consumer to interact with the with the virtual world. The technology has exploded onto the scene of Marketing, Advertising and Gaming with the advent of smart mobile devices with integrated cameras and the new Google Glasses.

The Project

The agency brief was to create a fully functioning Augmented Reality mobile application for luxury car retailer Bentley.

The app which worked alongside specially designed luxury Bentley printed cards, gave the consumer the ability of seeing the Bentley car in Augmented reality on their mobile phone.  The Augmented Reality marketing campaign gave customers the ability to see the new Flying Spur car in full 360 degrees view on the card. They also had the ability to share the latest products and services.

To view the Augmented Reality experience, the consumer had to download the Bentley Application from the app store.  After opening the application they held the phone over the card. A 30 Second trailer would then play on the car and then the animated car would appear.

Bentley Business Agency Cards
Bentley Business Cards Augmented
Bentley Augmented Reality Cards

“Augmented reality marketing is here. Imagine holding your phone over the sports page of the daily newspaper and seeing the goals from the football match, or looking down the street with Google glasses on and seeing which houses are available for rent or purchase, the opportunities are limitless”

Bentley Branding Agency
bentley augmented reality car

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