Banana Boat

The Problem

Banana Boat offers a wide range of product options that provide today’s busy families with reliable sun protection without worry, so the fun can go on and on. In 2014, our long-term client, Banana Boat, approached Amplify with the challenge to carry out an outdoor activation event, or in their words “brilliant beach activation event” in Dubai.

The Aim? To promote Banana Boat suncream as well as educating consumers and beach-goers on the effects of sun damage via an activation event.

Our Solution

Amplify planned the activation event at two of the best public beaches in Dubai over two weekends, in addition to designing all of the marketing materials including information cards, booklets, the structure, permissions and all production. We even encouraged engagement via the opportunity to win a 4 day trip to Thailand for a family.

The Result

Amplify successfully exceeded the client’s expectations and they were thrilled with the results. Banana Boat loved the results so much that they commissioned Amplify with future brand work. Amplify were tasked with creating marketing campaigns across the MENA region.









If I am working on a project which needs innovation, I will turn towards Amplify. They are remarkably creative at their approach and execution. From day one till the end, I believe the team has been committed to our brands as if one of their own. I’ve never felt the usual client-agency relationship with them. It’s not the us and you style, it’s the ‘we’ attitude I like. They delivered brilliant beach activation. We’re always playing for the same team!

Zain Sheikh – Brand Manager

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