Amplify Provides Full Range of Marketing Services in Dubai

Amplify Provides Full Range of Marketing Services in Dubai

Following on from our previous blog, which focused on Marketing Strategies and Marketing Planning. We thought it would be useful to feature some popular and alternative types of marketing services in Dubai.

Using technology to support marketing campaigns

Having a good website is key to providing information not just to local consumers but also extending to countries worldwide. Data analytics to support your marketing can be gained from various sources such as online surveys, smart phone applications and social media. Internet marketing is another branch of online marketing, where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is regarded as an effective method of increasing your website’s presence in organic searches for creating potential customers. Amplify can support clients with all of these options and tailor them according to your requirements and budget. From designing and creating a visually stunning and fully functional website to blog writing services as well as social media management and SEO services.

What is Right-time marketing?

Right-time marketing is an approach to marketing which selects an appropriate time and place for the delivery of a marketing message. An example of this was a 2 weekend Beach Activation that we planned, managed and executed for Banana Boat. Not only were the events successful in marketing the brand and its sun-care products but also educating families on the importance of skin care and protecting against sun damage.

Database Marketing

This is a form of direct marketing which uses a database of consumers or potential customers to create personalised communication to promote a product, brand or service. Following the campaign the data can be analysed to identify success rates.

Rewarding Loyal Customers

Loyalty marketing is based around a strategic plan in which companies reward their existing customers with rewards or incentives. Many coffee shops / restaurants offer loyalty cards where the consumer can collect stamps upon purchases which result in a complimentary purchase at the end. Many companies use this method to grow and retain their existing customers.

Unconventional Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy in which low-cost unconventional means of marketing are used, for example graffiti or street art, street performers / dancers, often in busy high streets or shopping malls to convey or promote a product or an idea.

Amplify provide’s a full range of marketing services and ideas to support your business, including the examples listed above as well as a huge amount of others. If you are interested in learning about what we can do for your business, get in touch!