Point of Sale Marketing Services in Dubai

As an advertising, design and communications agency, we recognise and are aware of the importance or having a strong brand identity and influential point of sale marketing.

Being a specialised form of sales promotion, Point of Sale Marketing is intended to draw customers’ attention to products; whether new or existing, special offers or to promote events such as seasonal or holiday-time sales.

As a supplier for GSK, Aquafresh approached us to create and execute a range of POS for their ‘Junior’ range of toothpaste. The brief was to create an emotional connection between the child and brushing their teeth and the importance of brushing. We conceptualised and executed a fully interactive campaign whereby we created 3D characters associated with teeth and rolled the key visual out across all the major avenues of point of sale. We designed all packaging, flyers, posters and SKU’s including pop up displays, gondolas and counter tops. Additional promotional items include danglers, wobblers, banners, shelf strips and an Augmented Reality in-store engagement game.

Other clients we have also created various point of sale merchandise for include Panadol, Life Scan, Gillette, Energizer, Banana Boat, Schick, Clearblue and NiQuitin.

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