Amplify Provides a Range of Services Including Website Management in Dubai

Amplify Provides a Range of Services Including Website Management in Dubai

Being a full 360 Agency we are able to offer our clients a range of services including management of website, social media and digital marketing. Today’s blog focuses on website management and why it’s important –

Website Management Services

Are you debating updating your website? There are some important questions to ask yourself:

  • Are your users dropping off your website quickly or only looking at a couple of pages?
  • Is there less repeat traffic?
  • Are you noticing a drop in contacts, leads or sales on your website?
  • Does your site still feature out-of-date products/services/promotions and failing to show new products/services/promotions?
  • Does your sites functions and features look dated compared to the competition?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it may be time to start looking at updating your website!

Here’s an overview of the benefits:

It Makes Search Engines Happy!

Search engines are more likely to reward websites that keep their sites updated by moving them up the rankings. Google will scroll through millions of web pages to make sure that useful and relevant information is being delivered to the user. Search engines use different ‘identifiers’ to work out what is good and bad. One identifier that is looked at is ‘’frequency’, if a website is updated regularly; search engines associate this with providing new information which could boost you up the rankings and potentially drive more traffic to your site.

Returning Traffic

If a shop didn’t update it’s stock and window displays regularly, would you go back again and again? Probably not! The same applies online – why would a user come back to your website if they never saw anything new? Simple changes like adding a blog and updating it, changing the colour scheme or even just adding a banner lets the user know that you actively care about your business.

Your Website is your Business Shop Front

Your website needs to represent the core of your business. 89% of people are using the internet to help inform an upcoming purchase. In other words, your website is likely to be the first form of form of communication you have with a potential customer. Make it count by including clear calls to action and contact information alongside a fresh and easy-to-navigate design.

Our website management services includes a monthly detailed report which includes website statistics, views, click throughs etc. Get in touch and see how we can help your business…


Is Inbound Marketing Worthwhile?

Is Inbound Marketing Worthwhile?

In this week’s blog we thought it would be useful to explain different aspects of inbound marketing and how these can be achieved.

What is inbound marketing?

  • Content creation and distribution – Brands create and plan targeted content, such as blog posts, white papers and their social media channels and share it with current customers and future ones.
  • Lifecycle marketing – The methodology of inbound marketing follows a cyclical process that converts strangers to leads, leads to customers and customers to promoters of a brand. At each stage of the buyer process, there is an action for marketers to take and KPIs that measure the success.
  • Personalisation – The more tailored your content is, the more valuable it will be to consumers.
  • Multi-channel – You have to approach customers where they already are, whether that is on your website, a search engine or on social media.
  • Integration – You need to integrate all your content, publishing and analytic tools to make sure you are publishing the right content at the right time, in the right place.
  • Focus on getting found – The crucial difference between inbound and outbound marketing is that by creating content of value, you start to earn your reach. You will also earn the customer satisfaction that leads to customers becoming promoters.

The tools used in inbound marketing

  • Blog posts
  • Keywords
  • Social publishing
  • Forms
  • Calls to action
  • Landing pages
  • CRM
  • Email
  • Workflows
  • Surveys
  • Smart content
  • Social monitoring

So where’s the proof that investing time and money in inbound marketing is worthwhile?

  • Companies report gaining 54% more customers through inbound marketing than through outbound (Source: Voltier Digital)
  • On average, a lead gained through inbound costs 62% less than one through outbound (Source: Voltier Digital)
  • In 2014 74% of B2B companies increased their inbound investment compared to last year (Source: State of Inbound report)
  • 80% of small businesses will invest in inbound this year
  • Inbound marketing channels can deliver up to 30 times the campaign conversion rate of traditional outbound direct-mail campaigns (Source: CRM Daily)

If you would like some more information on how Amplify can support you with your inbound marketing, contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our team. 

Amplify Creative Marketing Agency wins FoodCo Holdings Contract

Amplify Creative Marketing Agency wins FoodCo Holdings Contract

After many months of presentations and meetings we are delighted to officially announce our latest partnership with Food Co Holdings as part of their Business Development Project – Branding and Marketing.

“Agencies were shortlisted for the final round of meetings to discuss proposals and Foodco Holding CEO formed a committee to study all final proposals thoroughly to make the decision.

Selection criteria focused at the following:

  1. Proved track record with success stories in the FMCG industry
  2. Agency team with required expertise on a strategic, technical and operational level
  3. Financial investment required

Committee members were:

CEO, Chief Financial Officer, Business Development Manager, Subsidiaries General Managers, Marketing Manager

The project was awarded to Amplify Marketing Agency FZLLC due to great and intensive experience in FMCG industry with many success stories to tell. Amplify has the required expertise onboard and financial investment was competitive too”

Reema, Marketing Manager

Food Co Holding

The scope of the project for the first year includes:

  • Market Research
  • Marketing Strategy across Trade, Retail & Category management
  • Pricing Strategy & Positioning
  • Annual Marketing Plans with Monthly Activities for BTL, ATL & TTL
  • Branding including Brand Model Development, Architecture & Portfolio Development, Naming Strategy, Brand Guidelines
  • Project Management of all third party contractors and suppliers, working on all activations, executions, production and printing

We are looking forward to sharing some case studies and further information on the project in the coming months – it’s definitely worth looking out for.

In the meantime if you have any marketing needs whether small or large scale – we would love to hear from you!

Point of Sale Marketing Services in Dubai

As an advertising, design and communications agency, we recognise and are aware of the importance or having a strong brand identity and influential point of sale marketing.

Being a specialised form of sales promotion, Point of Sale Marketing is intended to draw customers’ attention to products; whether new or existing, special offers or to promote events such as seasonal or holiday-time sales.

As a supplier for GSK, Aquafresh approached us to create and execute a range of POS for their ‘Junior’ range of toothpaste. The brief was to create an emotional connection between the child and brushing their teeth and the importance of brushing. We conceptualised and executed a fully interactive campaign whereby we created 3D characters associated with teeth and rolled the key visual out across all the major avenues of point of sale. We designed all packaging, flyers, posters and SKU’s including pop up displays, gondolas and counter tops. Additional promotional items include danglers, wobblers, banners, shelf strips and an Augmented Reality in-store engagement game.

Other clients we have also created various point of sale merchandise for include Panadol, Life Scan, Gillette, Energizer, Banana Boat, Schick, Clearblue and NiQuitin.

Get in touch for any point of sale enquiries – we can make it happen!