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Amplify Logo Design & Brand Identity Agency

Creating a strong and recognisable brand is crucial for products and services in huge consumer markets. A brand needs to stand out from the crowd and position in the mind of your customers. Well-known consumer brands such as Tiffany, Pepsi, and Channel are recognisable for what their brand represents. If you are trying to compete against a similar brand and want a market share, it’s imperative you start with a strong brand strategy. By spending the time and money now to create a strong brand, will pay off in the long-term and increase sales revenue.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity represents the name, visual appearance, trademark and communications, which reflect how the company want their business, product or services to be perceived by the consumer. It’s also a way of differentiating between other competitors.

Brand Awareness

A brand increases customer recognition enabling them to remember and recognise the brand under different scenarios and linking the brand name, logo, slogan etc promoting recognition and recall. It allows customers to identify and understand the products and services that belong to that brand.

How can Amplify support you with branding?

As a marketing, creative design and digital agency we are able to provide a wide range of customised services whilst remaining approachable, adaptable, affordable and able to focus on what matters the most – our relationships with our clients. Every project that we do, whether it be branding, websites, social media, design, activations, events and so forth. They all benefit from the creativity, passion and enthusiasm our team provides – bigger ideas, wider creativity, more value. Our clients all benefit from a personal, seamless and enjoyable creative process from concept to completion.

Amplify Branding and Web Design Agency

Amplify Branding and Web Design Agency

Following our Eshot campaign for a special offer on Branding and Website Design, we were approached by an existing company who were looking for a complete rebrand and new website. One of our client account manager’s arranged an appointment at our studio to discuss the brief and clients requirements.

The client was keen to attract a broader range of clients and wanted to create a bold, fresh, flat, modern and iconic logo and look and feel to their brand. Our studio designers created a variety of logo concept designs which were presented to the client along with a rationale as to why we had chosen the font and colour scheme.

Once the logo designs and branding had been finalised, our in-house web designer created a site map for the new website. Various meetings were arranged with the client throughout the process to share ideas and feedback. Our design team also created a range of corporate stationary items and office branding, the client was thrilled with the end product…

We are just in the process of renaming our company to ‘Key Talent Matters’ with a complete rebrand. It was important for us to choose a team to work with that understood us as a business and with the vision of a longterm developing relationship.

I have to say the Amplify team have ‘knocked it out of the park’. The new brand is fresh, clean, bright, modern, professional and is exactly what we were looking for and reflects our business perfectly. They are understanding, flexible and patient

We can provide a range of services from branding and website design to full management of your website, including SEO, social media management, within a full marketing campaign and annual strategy according to your requirements and budget.

If you would like more information, contact us, you will be amazed by our ideas, creativity and service.

Amplify Agency Leaders in Branding Design Dubai

As a leading branding design agency in Dubai, we would like to share with you the benefits of having a strong brand, as well as an insight into brand identity and promoting brand awareness.

A brand is a name, logo or design that distinguishes one product from another. Effective branding can result in higher sales, not only for one product but also promotes awareness of other products within the brand. If the consumer builds trust with the brand, they are more likely to try other products or services offered by the same company and also recommend the products to others.

A brand is built from many elements including:

Name – this identifies the company, product or services

Logo – which is a visual trademark that identifies the brand

Tagline or catchphrase – will promote brand recognition

Colours, graphics and shapes – create distinctive trademarks for the brand

What are the benefits of having a strong brand?

A brand will build recognition of your product, company or services and influence the consumers buying decisions. Branding creates trust and an emotional attachment with the consumer, influencing their buying decisions based upon an emotional connection. Having a strong brand can command a premium price and builds customer trust as they grow to believe in your product or company without even knowing any specifics.

A solid branding strategy communicates a strong and consistent message to your targeted audience and signals that you want to build customer loyalty not just sell a product. Whilst it may not create an immediate sale it will build a lasting impression on consumers

A brand is more than just a logo design, colour or slogan, it’s about the full consumer experience of your company, service or product. By having a brand strategy in place will define what your company or product stands for, a promise that you make and the personality you perceive to customers. Whilst the creative parts of your brand e.g. logo, slogan and colour convey your brand, you still need to build everyday interactions with your target audience. This can be created through messages via your website, social media, proposals, campaigns and activations, customer interaction and engagement or by researching competition and comparing your customers opinion.

If you would like further information on how we can support you with your branding, whether you are a new start-up company or an established business looking for a brand refresh – get in touch. We offer bespoke packages to suit your requirements that are competitively priced and excellent value for money.