How Brands in UAE can use Facebook Canvas Ads for Marketing? – Digital marketing #

How Brands in UAE can use Facebook Canvas Ads for Marketing? – Digital marketing #

In this era, when smartphones are just as powerful as your average computer, it is quite understandable that more and more people are using their phones.

The majority of time spent on mobile is on a handful of apps – let’s face it, nobody calls anyone anymore – not when they can Whatsapp, Tweet, send Snap Stories or post on their Facebook walls.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a new post-click, full-screen, immersive mobile ad experience on Facebook that loads nearly instantaneously. Canvas is designed to help businesses tell their stories and show products on mobile devices in a beautiful way.

Launched worldwide on February 26th 2016, Canvas gives businesses a fully customizable digital space on which to build multimedia stories.

Canvases open from Facebook ads in News Feed to reveal a full-screen experience where advertisers can use a mix of video, still images, text and call-to-action buttons to build a beautiful and effective brand and product experiences on mobile. CTAs are widely successful in digital marketing – when implemented correctly.

Here is how Canvas will change advertising on Facebook for key stakeholders:

For Brands:

Canvas will help businesses drive any advertising objective, from brand building to driving sales. Brands will be able to tell stories and showcase their products in a much more creative way. They will have full autonomy over ads, they can use whichever mix of multimedia suits them. Brand building will be easier and brand positioning can be stronger – if Canvas is used right.

In this regard, visual content will become king. Videos and pictures will lead the game when it comes to using Canvas to its full potential.

Coca-Cola built a Canvas that featured the newly launched special series of Aluminum Bottles. They reached nearly 16 million people and had an average view time of 18 seconds.

People will not easily forget the experience. This means that the consumer recall rate will increase.

After clicking on an ad, people will see a fast-loading, full-screen ad where they can browse through a variety of products, before going to the retailer’s website to purchase.

Caption: “Buy” call-to-action button: Making purchases easier on mobile

For Users:

After clicking on the ads, users will be able to have a more immersive experience with the brand and its products – as compared to a normal Facebook ad.

Users can interact with the brand on a much larger scale and more variety in products can be showcased. If the mobile screen is bigger, users will have a better ad experience with Canvas.

The premise for Canvas is that users will not find the ads annoying because they will beautifully designed and created. However, there is no reason why people may not simply find the full-screen ads a waste of their time.

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Images Credit: Facebook