Amplify Marketing Agency Provides a Range of Design Services

Design Services in Dubai

Over the years, Amplify has provided graphic design services to a range of clients from large companies, small local businesses, FMCG’s & worldwide corporations. Design and creative is always at the heart of everything we do. Our studio has the very latest software and technology available.

With over 10 years experience in the graphic design industry, we have created designs in the following categories:

  • Advertising
  • Direct Mail
  • Branding & logos
  • Printed Literature
  • Exhibition Material
  • Packaging creation and adaptation
  • Point of Sale
  • Websites
  • Mobile Applications

From individuals to non-profit associations, restaurants to retailers or entrepreneurs to online companies; good design is simple, smart & usable – a strong balance of function and aesthetics. Through design we help our customers communicate their messages in an effective and meaningful way. Have a look through our case studies section for further examples of our work.

A good marketing campaign requires your creative content to be engaging, at Amplify we embrace change and build brands creatively, understanding the the importance of the customer journey.

Good design raises visibility.

Even the best campaign only gets traction if it stands out. It has to rise above the noise of all the other competing signals from advertisers and content producers. It then has to catch the attention of the right prospect and hold it. Depending on the goals of your campaign and your target audiecnce, the design required to do this may vary. Does a stark, minimalistic approach resonate with your audience, or is it a flashy, borderline-tacky look and feel that would work best? Whatever it is, great design helps you speak to your prospects in a memorable way, and it stands the best chance of getting your campaign noticed.

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For more information on the services we provide and how we can help your business or brand, contact us!

Point of Sale Marketing Services in Dubai

As an advertising, design and communications agency, we recognise and are aware of the importance or having a strong brand identity and influential point of sale marketing.

Being a specialised form of sales promotion, Point of Sale Marketing is intended to draw customers’ attention to products; whether new or existing, special offers or to promote events such as seasonal or holiday-time sales.

As a supplier for GSK, Aquafresh approached us to create and execute a range of POS for their ‘Junior’ range of toothpaste. The brief was to create an emotional connection between the child and brushing their teeth and the importance of brushing. We conceptualised and executed a fully interactive campaign whereby we created 3D characters associated with teeth and rolled the key visual out across all the major avenues of point of sale. We designed all packaging, flyers, posters and SKU’s including pop up displays, gondolas and counter tops. Additional promotional items include danglers, wobblers, banners, shelf strips and an Augmented Reality in-store engagement game.

Other clients we have also created various point of sale merchandise for include Panadol, Life Scan, Gillette, Energizer, Banana Boat, Schick, Clearblue and NiQuitin.

Get in touch for any point of sale enquiries – we can make it happen!

Amplify Agency Leaders in Branding Design Dubai

As a leading branding design agency in Dubai, we would like to share with you the benefits of having a strong brand, as well as an insight into brand identity and promoting brand awareness.

A brand is a name, logo or design that distinguishes one product from another. Effective branding can result in higher sales, not only for one product but also promotes awareness of other products within the brand. If the consumer builds trust with the brand, they are more likely to try other products or services offered by the same company and also recommend the products to others.

A brand is built from many elements including:

Name – this identifies the company, product or services

Logo – which is a visual trademark that identifies the brand

Tagline or catchphrase – will promote brand recognition

Colours, graphics and shapes – create distinctive trademarks for the brand

What are the benefits of having a strong brand?

A brand will build recognition of your product, company or services and influence the consumers buying decisions. Branding creates trust and an emotional attachment with the consumer, influencing their buying decisions based upon an emotional connection. Having a strong brand can command a premium price and builds customer trust as they grow to believe in your product or company without even knowing any specifics.

A solid branding strategy communicates a strong and consistent message to your targeted audience and signals that you want to build customer loyalty not just sell a product. Whilst it may not create an immediate sale it will build a lasting impression on consumers

A brand is more than just a logo design, colour or slogan, it’s about the full consumer experience of your company, service or product. By having a brand strategy in place will define what your company or product stands for, a promise that you make and the personality you perceive to customers. Whilst the creative parts of your brand e.g. logo, slogan and colour convey your brand, you still need to build everyday interactions with your target audience. This can be created through messages via your website, social media, proposals, campaigns and activations, customer interaction and engagement or by researching competition and comparing your customers opinion.

If you would like further information on how we can support you with your branding, whether you are a new start-up company or an established business looking for a brand refresh – get in touch. We offer bespoke packages to suit your requirements that are competitively priced and excellent value for money. 

Welcome to Amplify Agency, Dubai

Welcome to the digital home of Amplify Marketing Agency Dubai.

Let’s take a moment to introduce ourselves. Amplify Marketing Agency, initially rooted in the United Kingdom, has expanded its operations to the UAE and Moscow. Our team boasts a combined marketing and digital innovation experience of nearly 40 years, collaborating with prestigious clients such as Generali, GSK, and HSBC. We represent the evolution of marketing agencies, providing comprehensive 360-degree solutions to our clients.

Our journey began with a focus on Below-The-Line (BTL) marketing and packaging. As the digital landscape exploded—marked by the rise of social media, high-speed broadband, and smartphones—our services expanded to meet new opportunities. These advancements allowed us to engage vast audiences quickly, efficiently, and strategically, offering our clients cost-effective alternatives to traditional Above-The-Line (ATL) marketing.

Today, Amplify Marketing Agency stands at the forefront of innovation, integrating classic successful marketing methods with modern creativity and a dash of imagination. Our service offerings now include cutting-edge solutions like Augmented Reality, Interactive Software, Web Development, and Multi-Touch Gesture-Control technologies.

In the coming weeks, we’ll delve deeper into these exciting technologies. For a glimpse of what we’ve accomplished, visit our vimeo channel channel to view some of our latest projects.

Are you looking to share a message or story? Do you need design services, a new website, or brand amplification? Contact Amplify Marketing Agency—we’d love to be your partner in communication.

Welcome to our world at Amplify Marketing Agency—where your brand’s voice is amplified to meet the ears of a global audience.