Is Inbound Marketing Worthwhile?

Is Inbound Marketing Worthwhile?

In this week’s blog we thought it would be useful to explain different aspects of inbound marketing and how these can be achieved.

What is inbound marketing?

  • Content creation and distribution – Brands create and plan targeted content, such as blog posts, white papers and their social media channels and share it with current customers and future ones.
  • Lifecycle marketing – The methodology of inbound marketing follows a cyclical process that converts strangers to leads, leads to customers and customers to promoters of a brand. At each stage of the buyer process, there is an action for marketers to take and KPIs that measure the success.
  • Personalisation – The more tailored your content is, the more valuable it will be to consumers.
  • Multi-channel – You have to approach customers where they already are, whether that is on your website, a search engine or on social media.
  • Integration – You need to integrate all your content, publishing and analytic tools to make sure you are publishing the right content at the right time, in the right place.
  • Focus on getting found – The crucial difference between inbound and outbound marketing is that by creating content of value, you start to earn your reach. You will also earn the customer satisfaction that leads to customers becoming promoters.

The tools used in inbound marketing

  • Blog posts
  • Keywords
  • Social publishing
  • Forms
  • Calls to action
  • Landing pages
  • CRM
  • Email
  • Workflows
  • Surveys
  • Smart content
  • Social monitoring

So where’s the proof that investing time and money in inbound marketing is worthwhile?

  • Companies report gaining 54% more customers through inbound marketing than through outbound (Source: Voltier Digital)
  • On average, a lead gained through inbound costs 62% less than one through outbound (Source: Voltier Digital)
  • In 2014 74% of B2B companies increased their inbound investment compared to last year (Source: State of Inbound report)
  • 80% of small businesses will invest in inbound this year
  • Inbound marketing channels can deliver up to 30 times the campaign conversion rate of traditional outbound direct-mail campaigns (Source: CRM Daily)

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