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Amplify Logo Design & Brand Identity Agency

Creating a strong and recognisable brand is crucial for products and services in huge consumer markets. A brand needs to stand out from the crowd and position in the mind of your customers. Well-known consumer brands such as Tiffany, Pepsi, and Channel are recognisable for what their brand represents. If you are trying to compete against a similar brand and want a market share, it’s imperative you start with a strong brand strategy. By spending the time and money now to create a strong brand, will pay off in the long-term and increase sales revenue.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity represents the name, visual appearance, trademark and communications, which reflect how the company want their business, product or services to be perceived by the consumer. It’s also a way of differentiating between other competitors.

Brand Awareness

A brand increases customer recognition enabling them to remember and recognise the brand under different scenarios and linking the brand name, logo, slogan etc promoting recognition and recall. It allows customers to identify and understand the products and services that belong to that brand.

How can Amplify support you with branding?

As a marketing, creative design and digital agency we are able to provide a wide range of customised services whilst remaining approachable, adaptable, affordable and able to focus on what matters the most – our relationships with our clients. Every project that we do, whether it be branding, websites, social media, design, activations, events and so forth. They all benefit from the creativity, passion and enthusiasm our team provides – bigger ideas, wider creativity, more value. Our clients all benefit from a personal, seamless and enjoyable creative process from concept to completion.

Specialists in Gamification Digital Marketing

2015 sees the mobile gaming market being worth a huge $25bn so how can brands use this to their advantage to promote awareness and engage existing and new consumers?

We are able to offer our clients a variety of games and interactions using the brand as the core purpose.

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With the mobile market being set to take over console gaming it’s a perfect opportunity for brands to use this to their advantage.

 “It’s a very interesting area,” says Paul Wishman, group ecommerce director at insurance firm LV=, which launched a mobile game alongside its first TV ad for home insurance last year.

“Gamification is a great way of amplifying the brand and our new campaign,” he says. “It complements the above-the-line activity so seemed like the perfect opportunity to do something new.”

In December 2014 Amplify created 2 games for a client in Dubai. The first game featured an Eagle flying through the desert, the user had to use their body to control the movements of the bird e.g. leaning to the right or left or forwards or backwards. Their movements were tracked using a connect sensor camera, the aim of the games was to collect as many coins as they could within the time. The player could also collect hearts to increase their time and game play. Upon completing the game the user received a score depending on how many coins had been collected. They could then share their experience through social media and see how they ranked on the leader board. The game featured the company branding and logo designs promoting awareness of the brand. The second game was based around a clay pigeon shooting experience again the consumer used their movement to control play and at the end were able to post results on social media sites.

The games were a huge success and a great way of interacting with consumers and promoting brand engagement. The games also give consumers a new and different experience especially if the brand lacks fun and interest. The games were set up on large screens, however could be adapted for mobile gaming. We have also created an educational game for Aquafresh which educated children on the importance of brushing their teeth but in a fun and enjoyable way.

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