Interactive Floors – Our Most Popular Effects

An Introduction to Interactive Floors

Interactive floors are a technological phenomenon that you’ve likely only seen in hi-tech shows around the globe over the last several years. While once only accessible to big-name companies, it’s now possible to utilise it in any company, thanks to our specialised digital projection system. This projection software used for our interactive floors can give you interactive graphics on a number of different surfaces.

Having interactive images on a floor can open up a whole new imaginative world of marketing that provides a real wow factor to visiting customers. In fact, they may get so taken by the interactive images that they won’t want to leave.

What ideas can you incorporate interactive floors into your company? Consider it a giant canvas of interactivity that’s open to any possibility.

The Water Effect

One of our most popular interactive floors is the use of water. You may have seen this effect used during such events as the opening ceremonies at recent Olympics or other large-scale hi-tech shows. It’s truly a thing to behold to have a floor appear to be a large pool of water with sea life swimming below the surface. You’ll also be surprised at the interactivity and being able to have virtual fish respond to movements of your visitors.

The water effect can be perfect for businesses that have a connection to the sea or H20. Seafood restaurants, for instance, would be able to wow customers every day using this concept.

Magical Stars

Providing the feeling that you’re floating in space can give your customers an experience resembling an IMAX movie. The only difference is you can’t walk on and interact with images of an IMAX movie like digital projection provides. The feeling of walking over the vastness of space ultimately provides a real thrill to both kids and adults alike. It plays with the senses while giving you opportunity to show your brand at the same. Through the use of stars, you can incorporate any theme you wish, which includes using your logo through our methods of customisation.

Other Scenes of Earthly Nature

Interactive floors can give you even more colourful aesthetic qualities through the projection of blooming flowers, clouds, or landscapes. For a business that’s connected to nature in some way, this can be a real visual feast for all of your customers. The fact that they can interact with it all may keep your customers busy for hours while you manage to keep your brand solidly in their minds.

Keep in mind that interactive floors can also be used for entertainment purposes. We can configure your floor to be an interactive dance floor for major events. It gives dance parties a whole new experience that isn’t found many other places.

What you’ll appreciate more is that everything is customisable so you can create different configurations, including audio to give a higher level of believability. When you can incorporate images of your company into these images, you’ll be taking part in a new tech revolution that will change how branding works.

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Interactive Floor Projection Software in a Nutshell

The unique experience of using interactive floor projection is spreading around the world.

The ways to use interactive floor projections has only just started to be realised. It is something that can be used as a tool for teaching children in a classroom setting. Businesses are using it for advertising and marketing purposes. Medical professionals are discovering its benefits for their patients. Many people are finding that interactive floors are also just a good way to spend some time having fun!

According to an article in Touchscreen Magazine, “Interactive floor projection provide a unique combination of personal movement with digital marketing. Interactive software turns any floor into a unique, exciting and fun place full of action. Interacting is effortless and that makes it just fun.”

Providing an Interactive Experience

One of the most amazing aspects of interactive floor projection is the number of people it can involve. Many people can walk over the floor projection and interact within the same floor space. It is designed to cover large floor spaces. This makes it possible to play certain games and sports in a new and unique way. It permits individuals to react to any movement without holding a controller in a virtual world of sports and games. Interactive floor projection makes a great feature for advertising a product in a shopping mall. Or can be an attractive element to an exhibition stand.

Multimedia Projectors

Multimedia interactive floor projectors are used to provide very special experiences. These projectors are able to show many different types of images, characters or patterns from above the floor. Infrared lights and cameras are used. It is designed to work when a person moves on the floor. This movement will cause a response from the floor projection. It then changes the graphics interacting with the person walking on the floor.

Engaging the Target Audience

If a beach is projected onto the floor, people can feel like they are walking on sand each step they take. Footprints can even be left in the sand. It can help potential holidaymakers experience being at a real-life resort. A children’s party can have a specific virtual world. It’s a fun way to create a powerful interactive experience.

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