Enhance your Marketing with Augmented Reality

Enhance your Marketing with Augmented Reality

We currently offer two different types of augmented reality concepts in both large scale and immersive experiences. In the large scale role, we offer the technology that allows you to set up a large, hi-definition monitor in any walkway. Using a camera on the TV, passers-by will see themselves on the monitor. Suddenly, a robot, a tiger, a dinosaur etc, will come walking by and start interacting with them. We can create pretty much any effect.

One of our projects was augmented reality for an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party. We used a replica chair from the film and set up our huge 103″ plasma screen. The children could sit on the chair and see characters from the Disney film magically appear right in front of them. Videos of the experience were captured and sent to the children’s parents, a great keepsake of the birthday party.

The characters were rendered in 3D to give the believable feeling that they’re right there with the children. And the fact that these characters react to certain interactions makes augmented reality one of the most exciting event marketing opportunities you’ll ever have.

Augmented reality characters can be used for marketing and advertising campaigns as they can also be customised to reflect your brand in various ways. Imagine having a character entering the screen that reflects everything you want to convey in your company and having it interact with all your demographics. While we offer 10 different characters, we can work with you to create something all new if necessary to make it more personalised.

This can spark the imagination of a customer like no other. However, our immersive augmented reality technology can take them into other environments other than character interaction.

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