Victoria’s Secret PINK! identified the need for a unique approach to captivate their young, Arabic female audience in the GCC. With this in mind, they entrusted Amplify to develop an engaging and innovative mobile application.

The result was nothing short of extraordinary—a surge in regular customers and remarkable in-app purchases, culminating in over 2.2 million AED in in-store sales within just four months.


Amplify embarked on creating a cutting-edge retail mobile application tailored to the needs and interests of Victoria’s Secret PINK!’s target market. We integrated a headless CMS, allowing for a direct and intuitive online shopping experience within the PINK! Nation app.

Our commitment to engaging users post-download led to the creation of gamified features like ‘FETCH!’, a game that infused fun into the shopping experience and unlocked personalised offers, fuelling continued app engagement and fostering brand loyalty.

The app’s UI/UX was meticulously designed to resonate with local Arabic university students, woven into their daily lives and campus culture. Our strategic move to initiate the Victoria’s Secret PINK! Nation University Reps program turned students into active brand ambassadors, creating a grassroots movement of content creation and on-campus brand events.

Alongside the app’s development, Amplify rolled out a comprehensive digital marketing campaign, driving app awareness and downloads across the GCC. Our inclusion of the beloved VSPink dog in the gamified experience added a familiar touch, while the ‘FETCH!’ game itself became a competitive space for users to earn rewards tied to their shopping preferences.


The Victoria’s Secret PINK! app stands as a testament to Amplify’s ability to deliver tailored retail solutions that drive engagement and sales. Our experience in the beauty and fashion retail sectors, including work with prominent global brands, showcases our breadth of expertise in creating mobile applications that not only meet market demands but set new trends in the retail industry.

Experience the future of retail with Amplify’s innovative mobile solutions. If your brand is ready to engage the vibrant GCC market with a retail mobile application that delights and retains customers, reach out to Amplify today.

We’re here to transform your digital presence and redefine retail engagement. 

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