Victoria’s Secret consumers were buying bras online, without a fitting, meaning they were not getting the support and comfort they needed. 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra – Victoria’s Secret sought to help their consumers in the Middle East and ensure they were getting the support and comfort they required to help prevent any long term health problems.


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Amplify built an application to allow Victoria’s Secret users to take a questionnaire on the style, fit and type of bra to best suit their size and fit. The app allows the user to save their personalised data and book an in-store one-to-one Bra-Fit appointment with a Bra-Fit expert, at their local Victoria’s Secret store. The app includes a digital magazine of all Victoria Secret products, special offers and promotions, dedicated to the user’s preferences and buying history.


The application was first launched in the United Arab Emirates and later rolled out to the MENA region. The app was deployed to both Google Play Android and Apple App Stores. The app is helping to drive online traffic into Victoria’s Secret stores by encouraging Bra-Fit appointments, as well as rewarding customers for their loyalty. Beta launch – due September 2020

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