TCL, a global electronics giant. Sought to amplify it’s presence and drive sales in the highly competitive Middle Eastern market. Despite a strong global presence. TCL faced challenges in improving TCL Brand Growth Middle East, brand perception and purchase intent among regional consumers. Their primary objectives were to increase brand growth and website traffic. Reduce bounce rates, and engage audiences. Through compelling digital narratives and innovative marketing campaigns.


Amplify partnered with TCL to craft a comprehensive TCL digital marketing strategy. That harmonised efforts across social media and digital advertising. We conducted in-depth market analysis to tailor content that resonates with regional preferences and seasonal trends. Such as Ramadan, Sports, Lifestyle and Saudi National Day.

TCL Social Media Strategy:

Amplify redefined TCL’s social media presence with a comprehensive content strategy. Based around consumer-centric pillars such as Sports, Lifestyle, Brand Identity, and Seasonal Events. Each pillar was carefully chosen to resonate with TCL’s diverse audience. Ensuring content relevance and engagement.

We produced high-quality video content that not only highlighted TCL’s technological advancements. But also tied these features to lifestyle applications. Making the technology relatable and desirable. This strategic content blend helped improve brand perception and showcased TCL’s role in enhancing everyday life.

Interactive features like polls, quizzes, and giveaways were strategically used to boost engagement and reward community interaction. Fostering a deeper connection between the brand and its followers. These activities also served as a tool for audience research. Providing insights into consumer preferences and behaviours.

Our always-on engagement strategy ensured TCL remained a consistent presence in consumers’ daily social media interactions. This approach included regular updates tailored to current trends and consumer feedback. Enabling real-time adjustments to maximise content impact and engagement.

Highlighting collaborations with notable brands and events such as Arsenal, Call of Duty, and key seasonal promotions. We leveraged these partnerships to enhance TCL’s visibility and appeal across various consumer segments.

Through targeted content that aligns with TCL’s strategic pillars. We have cultivated a vibrant social media ecosystem that not only informs and entertains but also solidifies TCL’s brand as a major player in the global market. Driving both engagement and conversion.

TCL Digital Advertising Campaigns:

Amplify orchestrated comprehensive digital advertising campaigns for TCL across multiple platforms. Including Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. Honing in on sophisticated retargeting strategies designed to convert initial interest into tangible sales. Our approach involved the use of advanced SEO techniques to boost website traffic and significantly reduce bounce rates. Ensuring a smoother user experience that encourages longer site visits and deeper engagement.

Key campaigns featured the innovative launch of TCL’s C-Series. Where we capitalised on the excitement surrounding major global events like the Qatar World Cup. These campaigns were further amplified by leveraging endorsements from renowned sports figures such as Phil Foden and Raphael Varane. Enhancing the brand’s credibility and appeal among sports enthusiasts.

In addition to broad-scale campaigns. We tailored advertisements to resonate with specific consumer personas. Ensuring each ad was meticulously aligned with the interests and needs of different segments of TCL’s diverse customer base. This targeted approach allowed us to maximise the impact of our ads. Driving both brand awareness and sales across TCL’s varied product range.

Through these targeted digital campaigns. Amplify has significantly boosted TCL’s online presence. Connecting with audiences on a deeper level and driving strategic engagement through carefully crafted messaging and well-executed advertising tactics.


The strategic initiatives yielded remarkable outcomes in comparison to the previous years marketing.

Website traffic grew by 206%, contributing to a 47% rise in sales for 2023.

Facebook followers increased by 17.5%.
Instagram followers grew by 102%.
Overall brand impressions surged by 211%.
Total engagement rates soared by 3,391%.
Video views increased by 768%.


These metrics underscored the effectiveness of the integrated marketing approach, prompting TCL to not only renew but increase their retainer with Amplify across the GCC for 2024.

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