Rockit approached Amplify in 2020 to support them with marketing their miniature apples across the Middle East. Whilst the brand had been present in the market for a number of years, they had done little marketing and had no digital presence. The brand wanted to target Opti-Mums and Millennial Females living in the UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait, who were interested in premium products, health, fitness, food and lifestyle, with their nutritious, healthy and portable snack. The key objective was to develop an ‘always on’ marketing campaign, alongside thematic 360 campaigns during key times of the year. Our goals were to drive brand awareness, educate the consumers on the health benefits as well as build a customer database.


Amplify was tasked with revitalising Rockit’s brand through a dynamic 360-degree marketing strategy aimed at boosting brand awareness, engaging with potential customers, and establishing a robust digital presence. The strategy encompassed comprehensive ‘always-on’ digital marketing activities supplemented by thematic campaigns aligned with key health and lifestyle periods throughout the year.


To jumpstart Rockit’s digital transformation, Amplify launched and curated new social media profiles tailored to resonate with the brand’s target demographics.

The strategy involved a mix of educational content, interactive posts, and lifestyle integrations, aiming to build community engagement and brand loyalty. A significant component of this strategy was partnering with influencers.

Amplify collaborated with well-known personalities in the health and wellness sectors, including lifestyle influencers and fitness advocates. These influencers created authentic content that showcased their personal experiences with Rockit apples, integrating product placement seamlessly into their daily routines and posts. This approach helped extend the brand’s reach beyond its immediate followers, tapping into the influencers’ extensive networks and enhancing credibility through trusted endorsements.


Amplify orchestrated two major thematic campaigns for Rockit: Ramadan campaign and the Back to School campaign. Both were strategically planned to coincide with periods when target consumers were most receptive to health and wellness messaging.

Ramadan Campaign:

During Ramadan, a month characterised by fasting and focus on health. Amplify leveraged this period to highlight Rockit’s health benefits. The campaign featured branded gift boxes that were distributed as ‘Iftar gifts’, including a selection of Rockit apples alongside dates and nuts, aligning with traditional foods consumed during the month. Point of sale materials were designed to complement the Ramadan theme, featuring culturally resonant motifs and messaging about health and wellness.

To further engage the community, Amplify partnered with influencers who shared their Ramadan routines and how Rockit apples fit into their healthy Iftar preparations. This was supported by interactive social media giveaways on Instagram, where users could win Rockit Ramadan gift boxes by participating in health-themed challenges and quizzes.

Back to School Campaign:

For the Back to School period, Amplify recognised an opportunity to introduce Rockit apples to families as a nutritious snack option for children. The campaign included the creation of fun, attractive point of sale materials placed in key retail locations, which displayed Rockit apples in a way that appealed to both parents and children.

Sampling activities were conducted at busy shopping malls where parents shop for school supplies, offering taste tests of Rockit apples and distributing branded merchandise that included stickers and lunchbox inserts with nutritional information and fun facts about the benefits of apples.

Influencers with a parenting focus were enlisted to create back-to-school content, showcasing how Rockit apples could be a convenient and healthy part of their children’s school lunches. These collaborations included posts and stories on preparing healthy school lunches with Rockit apples prominently featured.




During the most recent Ramadan campaign in 2021, Amplify generated over 3,480,000 impressions on the Google Display Network, leading to 26,100 website clicks.

+8,380,000 Impressions
+4,400,000 Social Reach


Across Instagram, we saw a 19% increase in followers, generating 1,600,000 impressions and an engagements rate of 34%. Similarly, Facebook had 3,300,000 impressions with an engagement rate of 34%. In 2021 the Ramadan campaign helped the brand increase sales by 65%.

36,2000 engagements
2,900,000 Facebook Reach
+51,700 Instagram Followers
+5500 Post Engagement

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