Stada Pharmaceutical enlisted Amplify Marketing to tackle the challenge of revitalising their established Radian muscle and pain relief brand. Which had been a familiar name in the market for over two decades. The primary goal was to develop a comprehensive 360-degree marketing strategy that would not only introduce the Radian brand to a younger, more dynamic audience in the Middle Eastern market. But also launch a new range of ice therapy products.

The challenge was twofold. Firstly, to refresh the Radian brand’s image to appeal to a younger demographic. Secondly, to educate consumers about the benefits and applications of both heat and ice therapy. This required a nuanced approach to communicate the effectiveness of these treatments in a relatable manner to an audience that may not have previously considered these types of products for their fitness and wellness routines.


Amplify Marketing Agency took a comprehensive approach using our proprietary 5D Methodology to strategically revamp the Radian brand’s presence in the Middle Eastern market. This deep dive into the brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats laid the groundwork for a robust 360-degree marketing strategy aimed at amplifying brand awareness, engagement, education, and sales.

Discovery and Strategy Development:

During the discovery phase, it became apparent that there was a significant need to educate consumers on the optimal use of Radian’s heat and ice therapy products. Heat before exercise to prepare and soothe muscles, and ice afterwards to reduce inflammation and aid recovery.

This phase also revealed that Radian’s packaging was perceived as outdated by the younger, fitness-oriented demographic the brand aimed to attract. While the packaging could not be immediately changed. Amplify innovated by developing a key visual that reinvigorated the brand’s appeal, aligning it more closely with modern aesthetics and desires.

Enhanced Social Media Engagement and Education:

To effectively communicate the benefits of Radian’s heat and ice therapy products, Amplify devised an educational campaign utilising the Instagram grid to detail when and how to use the products optimally—heat before workouts for muscle preparation and ice post-workout for recovery. This strategy was augmented by a robust content calendar that featured health and fitness articles, warm-up and cool-down routines, and expert advice to position Radian as a hub of valuable wellness information.

Influencer Partnerships and PR Campaigns:

Understanding the power of influencer marketing in the fitness realm. Amplify implemented a sampling strategy through giveaways and curated PR gift boxes targeted at influencers within the fitness industry. These influencers were carefully selected for their alignment with the brand’s values and their ability to authentically convey Radian’s message to their engaged followers.

Content Creation with Fitness Influencers:

Amplify partnered with renowned content creators in the fitness industry to develop tailored content that highlighted the benefits of integrating Radian products into regular fitness routines. These partnerships involved the creation of video content that demonstrated specific warm-up and cool-down exercises using Radian products, effectively illustrating their practical use and benefits.

Digital Content Hub Development:

To further enhance consumer education and engagement, Amplify recommended the expansion of Radian’s digital presence to include a dedicated content hub on their website. This hub features in-depth articles on health and fitness, expert advice columns, and educational content around the science of muscle recovery and the benefits of proper heat and ice therapy.

3D Modeling and In-Store Merchandising:

Amplify’s in-house design team leveraged advanced 3D modelling techniques to create highly detailed and visually appealing representations of Radian products. These models served as the foundation for developing innovative point-of-sale (POS) materials that were strategically designed to capture the attention of shoppers in busy retail environments across the GCC.

Customised POS Materials:

To maximise in-store visibility and appeal, we designed a variety of POS materials tailored to different retail settings. These included shelf talkers, wobblers, free standing displays. Each piece was crafted to highlight the unique benefits of Radian’s heat and ice therapy creams, using vibrant visuals and clear, concise messaging to educate consumers about the product features and usage guidelines. 

Event Sponsorship and Activation:

Amplify orchestrated Radian’s involvement in key fitness events like the Dubai Fitness Challenge. We conceptualized a Radian-themed beach hut that featured separate areas for pre-workout warm-ups using Radian Heat and post-workout cool-downs with Radian Ice. This live engagement was complemented by interactive elements such as a “Spin the Wheel” game, which rewarded participants with prizes and further increased brand interaction.

Sports Sponsorship:

Further embedding Radian into the local sports community, Amplify managed the sponsorship of the Radian Dragon’s Football Club. This sponsorship included branded kits and product supplies in exchange for authentic user-generated content shared by the players on social media, enhancing brand visibility and credibility.


The results of Amplify’s comprehensive strategy for Radian demonstrated significant improvements across key metrics:

Facebook Achievements:

Page likes for Radian Arabia soared to over 76,000. Page impressions saw a 60% increase, while post likes rose by 158%, reflecting heightened consumer engagement.

Instagram Success:

The Instagram account amassed over 1 million impressions and 13,000 profile views within just four months.

Enhanced Retail Presence:

By leveraging bespoke POS materials, Amplify significantly enhanced Radian’s visibility and interaction within retail environments, bolstering brand awareness and sales across the GCC.

This multifaceted approach not only optimised Radian’s online presence but also enriched their in-store experience, laying a robust foundation for ongoing digital and retail success.

Through these targeted initiatives, Amplify has successfully positioned Radian as a trusted partner in fitness and wellness. The campaign significantly increased the brand’s social media engagement and follower base. Enhancing its market penetration in the competitive Middle Eastern market.

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