Popular UK children’s vitamin brand Martians. Needed to adapt its products to resonate with consumers in the UAE and KSA markets. Challenges included language barriers, cultural nuances in packaging and marketing materials. In addition to standing out in the competitive pharmacy space.


To localise Martians Point Of Sale Designs and Adaptation for the UAE and KSA markets. Comprehensive research was undertaken by Amplify. To understand regional regulations, consumer behaviour, and preferences.

Martians Point Of Sale Designs and Adaptation


The adaptation process involved translation and cultural tailoring of packaging. To ensure clarity, appeal, and compliance.

The design team at Amplify worked on creating bright, engaging visuals. For us across eCommerce platforms and in-store pharmacies. That reflected both the Martians brand identity and the vibrancy of local culture.

Amplify crafted a visually appealing online and in-store presence. Our team created detailed 3D models for the product packaging for use across eCommerce sites. Additionally, we produced engaging print materials, such as informative leaflets and eye-catching dropcards. These were strategically distributed in stores and healthcare facilities to educate consumers about the health benefits of Martians vitamins. Enhancing brand recognition and customer engagement effectively.


For the Martians Point Of Sale Designs. The focus for Amplify was on developing materials that would capture attention. Amidst the clutter of busy pharmacy countertops. 

This included creating innovative counter stands and promotional packaging. Thematically consistent back-to-school campaign materials. Including interactive sticker books that directly appealed to children and parents.


The projects Amplify delivered for Martians Point Of Sale Designs helped to significantly boost brand awareness and sales in the UAE and KSA. By aligning the product’s packaging and point-of-sale designs. With regional preferences. Martians saw a noticeable increase in product visibility and customer engagement at pharmacies. This strategic localisation led to enhanced market penetration. And a positive impact on sales figures. With the back-to-school campaign further solidifying the brand’s presence in the market.

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