Dubizzle, a leading online marketplace. Faced the challenge of rejuvenating its brand presence and connecting with a broader audience through a memorable advertising campaign. Despite having a catchy jingle. Dubizzle struggled to leverage it fully to capture and engage a diverse user base across various media channels.


Concept Development:

Amplify was tasked with transforming Dubizzle’s jingle. Into a dynamic visual experience. Video Production for TV Commercial. Our creative team devised a fun and engaging video concept. That resonated with Dubizzle’s brand identity and appealed to its target demographics. The concept aimed to blend humour with everyday scenarios. To showcase Dubizzle’s key services in a relatable manner.

The Dubizzle team loved our concept and awarded us the contract.

Production Execution:

With the concept approved. Amplify undertook the full production of the TVC. We handpicked a suitable TV studio and filming locations and orchestrated every aspect of the production process. This included casting, crew selection, styling, and set design. Ensuring every element aligned with the campaign’s creative direction. Our meticulous attention to detail covered everything from lighting setups. To camera angles to capture the essence of the jingle effectively.

Digital Integration and Campaign Rollout:

To maximise reach and impact. Amplify complemented the main Video Production for TV Commercial with short-form videos tailored for digital platforms, particularly YouTube. These videos were designed to highlight distinct features and services offered by Dubizzle. Encouraging deeper audience engagement and sharing across social networks.

Short-form content is crucial because it caters to modern consumers’ preference for quick, digestible information, ensuring higher engagement rates and more effective communication in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.


The campaign was a resounding success. With the TVC and accompanying short-form videos generating over 57 million impressions across the region. The creative execution not only elevated Dubizzle’s brand visibility but also enhanced its market position, evidenced by significant positive feedback and coverage in major publications, including Campaign Middle East. Read the article here.

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