Since 2017, Amplify has been the driving force behind Wonderful Pistachios’ growth into the vibrant Middle Eastern market and beyond, reaching territories like GCC, Iraq, Italy, France, and Spain.

Our strategic social media and digital approaches have been instrumental in capturing the latest trends and maximising platform performance for the brand.



Amplify’s dedicated approach to social media centers on creating engaging content aligned with content pillars such as health, food, and fitness, tailored to specific platforms. Our use of video content has seen an exponential increase in consumer engagement. On Facebook alone, our strategies led to a 17.5% follower increase and a staggering 2,448 hours of consumed content. Instagram reels became a pivotal part of our strategy, with a notable 57% impression increase and 1.1 million reel plays, marking a significant impact in terms of reach and engagement.


During the 2020 lockdowns, Amplify focused on video content to reach consumers, promoting Wonderful Iberia as a healthy snack choice. Utilising YouTube Ads, we increased brand awareness in Spanish regions, taking advantage of increased home video consumption. Amplify’s customised campaign targeted distinct personas, from sports enthusiasts to tech aficionados, using Custom Affinity Audience targeting to connect lifestyles and passions with Wonderful Pistachios during lockdown life.

UtiliSing data-driven targeting, the campaigns achieved an average CPM of AED5.88, yielding 1.4M to 2.2M impressions, and connecting with audiences’ newfound content consumption behaviours.


The innovative ‘Munch Run’ mobile game developed by Amplify tapped into the health-conscious segment of mobile gamers, linking Wonderful Pistachios with the appeal of a healthy snack choice.

The gamification strategy led to over 4,000 game plays within the first week in KSA alone, contributing to an uptick in sales and active social media engagement, with plans to expand this success into other markets.

Evaluation & Amplify's Expertise

Through meticulous evaluation, Amplify has not only proven its prowess in enhancing brand awareness but has also excelled in creating content that captivates. The agency’s experience with premium food brands across various markets has established Amplify as a key player capable of navigating the digital space to elevate brands like Wonderful Pistachios.

By collaborating with Amplify, your brand benefits from a wealth of experience, a trove of market-specific data, and a partnership that understands the value of engaging content and strategic digital positioning in the competitive landscape of premium food brands.

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