Sambazon Launch in the Middle East


The global Açaí brand Sambazon were looking to launch into the UAE market. But required a localised agency to work with their distribution team. To raise brand awareness, educate the region on the brand and how to make Açaí bowls. The launch was a challenge as the brand wanted to create a big buzz. But with very small marketing budgets.


Brand Launch Event

For the grand launch of the açaí brand Sambazon in the GCC market. Amplify selected Dubai’s Tania’s Teahouse—an iconic location known for its ‘Instagrammable’ charm—as the event venue. This event brought together a distinguished group. Including press members, influencers, bloggers, nutritionists, and dieticians from across the region.

The highlight was an exclusive Açaí Masterclass, conducted by experts from Projeto Açaí. Who are celebrated for their profound knowledge and expertise in açaí. This interactive session offered attendees an in-depth look at the unique properties of açaí. As well as the brand’s dedication to sustainable and ethical sourcing. It provided a practical demonstration on how to integrate this superfood into daily diets. Enhancing both the educational and experiential aspects of the launch.

Following a captivating introduction to the Sambazon brand. We energised the event with an açaí-themed trivia quiz. Allowing guests to test their knowledge of açaí and win exciting Sambazon prizes!

Since the Açaí brand launch, Amplify managed Sambazon’s Middle East Facebook and Instagram pages. The goal to build and expand brand and product awareness within the new region. We strategically balanced our content approach by publishing 70% global content. Which is carefully adapted and Arabised to resonate with the local audience. Alongside 30% localised content that directly appeals to regional tastes and preferences.

Localised Brand Campaign

Amplify ran a localized Ramadan campaign that offered innovative, delicious, and unique recipe ideas using the Sambazon Superfruit products, specifically designed for Iftar and Suhoor. Simultaneously, we developed a multi-layered influencer strategy to excite and engage audiences. Furthermore, local micro-influencers were identified monthly to receive Sambazon Superfruit packs and goodies, encouraging them to share their own spin on the brand, its values, and recipe ideas.

Brand Activations

Additionally, in September 2019, Amplify was commissioned to produce and manage the brand and product launch event at New York University Abu Dhabi. This event aimed to educate students and the community about the Sambazon brand story, the delicious and nutritious powers of Açaí, and where to purchase these products.

Moreover, Amplify created a teaser social media campaign targeted at the students and announced the launch on the Sambazon social media accounts. The main focus was to educate on sustainability and how to save the environment, demonstrating how students can make their everyday lives and campus life more environmentally friendly. During the event, students were encouraged to upload a picture of their Açaí bowl using the hashtag #NYADSambazon, stating what they do to be environmentally friendly. Additionally, at the event, Amplify introduced the celebrity TV chef and public figure Manal Alalem to the brand, who then shared the brand with her 2.1 million Instagram followers. Consequently, Amplify has now created a long-term relationship with Manal and regularly works with Sambazon to create content in exchange for social media content.


17 influencers and editors attended the brand launch event. The event garnered over 55 original Açaí bowl Instagram posts. Amplify ensured Sambazon Middle East was tagged in every post from the event.


“Amplify exceeded expectations with our launch event in the Middle and organised EVERYTHING down to the smallest detail! It was awesome to see some hugely influential content creators at the event and learning about the Sambazon brand!”

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