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Multi Touch Displays

At Amplify we believe in engagement and there is no better way to engage than using the senses like touch or gesture.

Our Multi-touch Displays extend beyond the active display area for expanded interaction. It goes beyond traditional single touch functions and enables multiple users to manipulate content and collaborate through gestures utilising up to 40 Touch Point. The interaction with the screen, whether drawing, navigating, organizing or gaming, is fluid and responsive.

We have developed a touch table recently for a nursery chain in Dubai called Tiny feet, the interactive tables and walls have installed education apps based on the EYFS in the UK that promotes holistic learning through touch.

Other multi touch table projects we have completed include real estate projects, way-finders and Kiosks and presentations for car showrooms.

If you would like to see a working multi touch screen in Dubai head to our interactive showroom in IMPZ.