Infographic animations & Visuals

Infographic animations – Why you should use them in your marketing?

Displaying data and a lot of text can sometimes boring and you only have a round 60 seconds to capture someone’s attention. Creating explainer infographic animations is a great addition to your digital marketing strategy.

At Amplify we can create infographic animations in English, Arabic or even Russian languages. They can be produced in many different tones of voice, ranging from fun and playful through to corporate and factual. They are simple to read or watch and can be designed or scripted alongside your brand guidelines.

They are also a great way of gaining amplification online through sharing or download. Hosting the infographic designs or animations on your website and social media will allow bloggers, brand influencers or even the press to access and use them and share your product with the world!

We have recently produced infographics for major FMCG’s, corporate companies and pharmaceuticals. They work great on websites, youtube and in presentations. We can also animate them for HTML detail aids if required for use on mobile tablets or smart phones.

Our experienced design team will produce a script or storyboard/ wireframe based on your brief, so you understand and can visualise the project prior to production.

Check out our case studies for more information.

If you would like to display information about your company in a creative way, why not talk to our client servicing team about developing infographics for your brand.