What is Gamification?

Gamification is one of the buzzwords in both education and enterprise. Essentially it allows a person to be educated through play.

The fun learning method can be easily applied to marketing campaigns too, we have delivered successful online and offline campaigns for major brands like Pepsi & GSK.

Gamification is great for offline activations especially if you want to attract a crowd and educate them about your product or brand or marketing campaign through fun. A great example of gamification was a campaign we executed for Pepsi. The concept was to connect the brand to the IPL cricket league and brand ambassador Doni. To compete the consumer had to hit 6x 6’s on a mall activation stand for a chance to win a prize or meet their hero. They added their email address and liked the brand on social media prior to playing. So after the engagement the offline campaign linked to Pepsi’s online marketing, with consumers sharing their score and engaging with the brand and driving likes.

Amplify has created gamification content for education, hospitals, retail, recent case studies include Pepsi for which we developed an interactive cricket game through to Tiny feet nurseries where we created over 20 education apps that promoted interactive learning. Check out the Mcdonalds video below to see a video example.

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