Google Display Advertising Campaigns 

Display ads viewed by consumers are 55% more likely improve branded searches for the advertiser. Display advertising has also proven to increase traffic to websites by over 300%.

Our team of Goggle Certified individuals have the knowledge and expertise to create a digital campaign that will generate results and ROI. Drive awareness and purchase consideration with Google Display ads. They can run alone or be used to support YouTube campaigns. Learning consumer behaviour, identifying valuable audiences and engaging quickly and often. Targeting consumers through their interests, keywords and apps they have previously used. Engage with potential customers who are actively browsing, researching or comparing your products / services and have a strong intent to purchase. 

Google Search Advertising 

With Google search campaigns, your ads will show up alongside search results when people are looking for similar products or services. These ads are great for driving awareness and purchase consideration. Amplify would conduct keyword research to create targeted ads based on what your target audience are searching for. 

Re-marketing Ads 

As part of any digital campaign, re-marketing campaigns are essential to engage the audience and drive conversions based on the customers position in the sales journey. Well timed targeting will show ads to people who have previously interacted with your display ads / video content. 

Social Media Advertising 

With the algorithms changing frequently and organic reach no longer guaranteed to reach your followers, we would recommend considering paid social media advertising campaigns. Amplify would recommend avoiding blanket approach marketing campaigns and instead ensure each piece of content and campaign is tailored, targeted and relevant to your business / brand, marketing goals, target audience and the channel. 

Programmatic Advertising Campaigns

Amplify trades media at the right level for your business with simple effective strategies helping you to achieve your campaign goals. From open exchanges to programmatic guaranteed, Amplify can reach 98% of online audiences, with up to 60% performance increase compared to standard prospecting and generate over 4x audience expansion with lookalike algorithms. 

We can help you reach the audience that wants to buy your product or seek your services. Our digital and video advertising solutions create impressions that inspire a call to action. Delivering relevant advertising to the people who matter to your business the most. Prospecting campaigns will enable us to find new relevant audiences and re-targeting tools can be used to re-engage users who have visited your website but not taken any action.

YouTube Advertising 

Getting attention in the always-on, media saturated digital world is harder than ever. To reach a broader and younger audience we recommend considering YouTube advertising. 60% of watch time happens on mobile devices. The living room – once ruled by TV and Media is now the fastest growing platform for YouTube. In addition 3x more attention is paid to ads that are relevant vs. ads aimed at a generic audience. Our Google Certified team can recommend the right campaign for you, from YouTube masthead, TrueView ads to Display Ads. We can also create assets to produce a video series or feature YouTube stars and influencers. Drive 


Display Advertising

Google Display Adverting Campaigns are proven to increase your website traffic.

Search Advertising

Stand out when consumers are actively looking for your services or products.

Re-Marketing Campaigns

Engage with users who have previously interacted with your ads.

Programmatic Ad Buying

Reach 98% of all online audiences and increase online comversions.

YOUTube advertising

Develop targeted ads or create your own video series.

social media advertising

Amplify your reach, increase engagement and achieve your business goals whilst maximising your budget.