Maximise Your Advertising Impact with Amplify's Programmatic Ad Buying

At Amplify, we harness the power of programmatic ad buying to enhance the visibility and effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. With over 55% of consumers more likely to search for a brand after seeing a Google display ad, and traffic boosts to websites by over 300%, our Google Certified team is equipped to deliver impactful results.

Expertise in Google Display and Search Advertising

Our expertise in Google Display ads helps drive brand awareness and consideration, complementing your YouTube campaigns and targeted digital strategies. By analysing consumer behaviour and leveraging detailed audience insights, we engage potential customers who show a high intent to purchase, maximising the relevance and efficiency of your ads.

Strategic Re-marketing and Social Media Advertising

Re-marketing is an integral part of our digital campaigns, designed to capture and convert interest at various stages of the customer journey. Our targeted approach ensures that ads are shown to individuals who have previously interacted with your content, enhancing the likelihood of conversion.

As organic reach becomes increasingly challenging, our tailored social media advertising campaigns are essential. We focus on creating content that is specific to your business goals and the characteristics of your target audience, ensuring that each campaign is both relevant and effective.

Programmatic Advertising: Precision and Scale

Amplify’s programmatic advertising campaigns offer unprecedented reach and precision. From open exchanges to programmatic guaranteed deals, we connect with 98% of online audiences, significantly enhancing campaign performance and audience engagement. Our approach includes advanced prospecting techniques and lookalike algorithms to expand your audience effectively and retarget those who have shown interest but haven’t yet converted.

YouTube Advertising: Capturing Attention in a Digital Age

With the majority of YouTube watch time occurring on mobile devices, and the living room emerging as a rapidly growing platform for video consumption, YouTube advertising represents a critical opportunity to reach a diverse and engaged audience. Our team crafts campaigns that range from YouTube mastheads and TrueView ads to comprehensive video series, often featuring influencers to maximise impact and engagement.


Display Advertising

Google Display Adverting Campaigns are proven to increase your website traffic.

Search Advertising

Stand out when consumers are actively looking for your services or products.

Re-Marketing Campaigns

Engage with users who have previously interacted with your ads.

Programmatic Ad Buying

Reach 98% of all online audiences and increase online comversions.

YOUTube advertising

Develop targeted ads or create your own video series.

social media advertising

Amplify your reach, increase engagement and achieve your business goals whilst maximising your budget.