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In today’s digital world, crafting effective social media calendars is the backbone of any winning marketing plan. With over a decade of expertise, Amplify has perfected strategies pivotal in crafting captivating social media calendars for esteemed global clients like FIJI Water, TCL Electronics, Philips, Metanium, Rockit, and others.


Here’s some tips:

1. Understanding Your Target Audience: The foundation of any successful social media strategy lies in understanding your target audience inside out. By meticulously analysing demographics, preferences, and behaviours, you gain invaluable insights that inform every aspect of your content creation. This profound understanding serves as the bedrock upon which your entire social media calendar is built.


2. Selecting the Right Platforms: Different social media platforms serve different purposes and cater to diverse audiences. It’s crucial to identify which platforms your target audience is most active on and tailor your content accordingly. For instance, while TikTok excels in delivering content to a younger demographic, Instagram thrives as a visual-centric platform, and LinkedIn might serve better for establishing thought leadership and building trust within a professional community.



4. Strategic Content Planning: Variety is key when it comes to crafting effective social media calendars. Mix up your content to keep your audience engaged, incorporating a blend of promotional posts, lifestyle posts, user-generated content, polls, static images, videos, and more. By diversifying your content, you can cater to different interests within your audience while maintaining their attention and fostering engagement.


5. Scheduling Posts: Timing plays a crucial role in maximising the impact of your social media posts. Experiment with different posting times to determine when your audience is most active and receptive. Once you identify the optimal timings, schedule your posts strategically across various platforms. Utilise tools like Iconosquare for Instagram scheduling and scheduling features on platforms like X and LinkedIn to streamline the process.


6. Thematic Alignment: By weaving thematic elements into your calendar such as events or industry trends, you can amplify your brand messaging and leverage seasonal opportunities to captivate your audience’s attention.


By implementing these strategies and crafting effective social media calendars, you can effectively boost your brand’s social media presence, connect with your audience authentically, and drive meaningful results. With Amplify’s expertise and insights, crafting a winning social media strategy has never been more achievable. Contact us today for a free consultation. 



Navigating marketing in the financial sector, with its intricate regulations and diverse audience, presents unique challenges and opportunities for marketers, making it different from marketing in any other industry. Here’s how to navigate these waters effectively:

1. Legal Compliance

Legal compliance is non-negotiable. Finance companies must navigate through complex regulations, spanning from advertising laws to data protection rules. Keeping up-to-date with these legal frameworks is crucial for safeguarding your company against potential liabilities.

At Amplify, we’re proud to have RIV Technologies as a client, a key player in the financial investment and digital assets arena. We’ve played a pivotal role in ensuring their marketing strategies adhere strictly to the legal standards across the more than 20 markets they operate in. This includes ensuring compliance with a wide array of regulations, from the UAE’s VARA to the EU’s MiCA, demonstrating our commitment to legal integrity in diverse regulatory landscapes.

2. Understanding Your Audience

The financial needs and literacy levels of your audience can vary widely. A one-size-fits-all approach to marketing will not suffice. It’s crucial to segment your audience based on their financial goals, challenges, and preferences. Whether your target audience is seeking retirement planning advice or tips on managing student loans, understanding their specific needs is key to engaging them effectively.

At Amplify, a critical step in our strategic process involves in-depth research of our clients’ target audiences through both primary and secondary methods. By developing detailed audience personas, we gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs, aspirations, and financial circumstances. This allows us to finely tailor content and messaging to resonate strongly with them.

3. Tailoring Content for Different Audiences

Different segments of your audience will be interested in different types of content. For our client, RIV Technologies, we’ve tailored our approach to engage each segment effectively. For the younger audience, we crafted financial content in an entertaining, engaging style suited for TikTok, blending education with fun. Meanwhile, for those interested in deepening their financial understanding, we’ve focused on educational content that emphasizes learning and knowledge expansion. On the other hand, for segments driven by aspiration, we collaborated with influencers to create content that resonates with their dreams and desires, showcasing aspirational lifestyles and achievements. This targeted approach ensures our content not only reaches the right audience but speaks directly to their specific interests and goals.

4. Emphasising Trust and Security: Building Blocks of Financial Relationships

In finance, trust is everything. Customers need to feel confident that their assets are in safe hands. Highlighting your company’s commitment to security, whether through advanced encryption technologies for online transactions or rigorous compliance with financial regulations, can help build this trust. Testimonials, certifications, and transparent communication further strengthen credibility.

For our client, RIV Technologies, we’ve enhanced trust by crafting thought leadership content, including articles and brief videos featuring their senior leadership. This strategy positions them as authoritative voices in the digital asset space. By regularly spotlighting their team members on LinkedIn, showcasing their backgrounds and extensive experience, we provide transparency that fosters trust. This approach not only highlights the expertise behind the company but also builds a connection with customers, reinforcing confidence in their leadership and vision.



Navigating marketing in the financial sector landscape requires a nuanced strategy, but with the right expertise, success is within reach. At Amplify, we boast a profound understanding of this sector, positioning us as your ideal partner to amplify your brand. Reach out to us to take your company to new heights.



Understanding Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping the landscape of marketing, transitioning from basic automations to advanced algorithms that provide predictive analytics and instantaneous decision-making. This evolution is pivotal in creating highly targeted strategies that significantly boost return on investment and elevate the customer experience.

Personalisation at Scale

Personalisation at scale is where AI really changes the game in marketing. It’s about using AI-powered tools to sift through data and identify consumer behaviours and preferences, which allows marketers to tailor their messaging for individual consumers on a scale previously thought impossible.
At Amplify, we apply AI to personalise marketing efforts as finely as Spotify curates personalized playlists. By understanding individual preferences and behaviours, we can create content that resonates with each consumer, boosting engagement and fostering brand loyalty.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics uses AI to forecast consumer behaviour and trends. By analysing historical and current data, AI helps predict what consumers will want or do next, giving businesses a head start on tailoring their marketing strategies.
Leveraging AI in predictive analytics allows Amplify to anticipate and respond to emerging market trends. We employ methods offering personalised product recommendations that align with consumer desires, often before they even articulate them.

Enhancing Customer Experiences

AI is not only reshaping customer experiences with its responsiveness and personalisation but also revolutionising customer service. AI-driven chatbots and personal assistants on platforms like websites and WhatsApp are increasingly common. These bots provide instant support and tailored communication, making interactions between brands and customers smoother and more efficient.

At Amplify, we’re pushing the limitations  in customer experience by leveraging AI in various innovative ways. For example, we’ve seen success with AI avatars for presentations, which can communicate across different languages to ensure clear, inclusive messages for international audiences. Building on this, we create and develop sophisticated AI chatbots that serve as customer service tools, enabling our clients to offer personalised, conversational support around the clock. This tech not only answers queries but also learns from interactions to improve future communications. With Amplify, our clients can deliver a customer journey that is highly personalised, incredibly responsive, and truly cutting-edge.

Amplify’s Commitment to AI-Driven Marketing

As the digital world evolves, Amplify remains committed to exploring and implementing advanced AI technologies. We’re dedicated to enhancing our operations and providing unmatched results for our clients, helping them to stay ahead in an increasingly AI-driven marketing environment. With Amplify, brands can navigate the complexities of today’s digital landscape and forge deeper connections with consumers in the EMEA market and beyond.


Successful Ramadan Marketing Initiatives


As Ramadan approaches, brands have the unique opportunity to connect with their audiences in a meaningful way. At Amplify, we understand the importance of crafting marketing strategies and campaigns that resonate with the spirit of Ramadan while respecting its core values. Here, we provide insights into crafting successful Ramadan marketing initiatives during this holy month. Alongside examples of successful Ramadan campaigns developed by Amplify.

Reflect on Ramadan’s Values:

Ramadan is more than just fasting. It’s a period of community, giving back, and gratitude. Align your brand’s messaging with these principles by initiating campaigns that support charitable endeavours. Or by collaborating with local charities. Additionally, emphasising the themes of family unity and collective spirit in your messaging. This can further align with the spirit of Ramadan. During this Ramadan and last, Amplify has created and launched campaigns for FIJI Water across multiple social media channels. Including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. The campaign named “Break A Fast with FIJI Water” showcased families and friends coming together for Iftar. Celebrating the moment of breaking their fast with FIJI Water. Last year’s campaign not only resonated deeply within the community but also surpassed our KPIs. By an impressive 46.33%, marking a significant achievement for the brand.

Deliver Value-Driven Content:

Content that educates or adds value can be particularly impactful during Ramadan. Consider content that offers fasting tips, highlights inspirational stories, or features community achievements. Engagement can also be encouraged through social media polls or giveaways centred around Ramadan themes. Over the last few years, Amplify has collaborated with Rockit Apple to create various engaging initiatives for families. This included developing downloadable colouring sheets for children, providing a fun, interactive activity for parents and kids. In addition to this, we developed Ramadan Giveaways for both Rockit and FIJI water. Participants were invited to engage in activities such as sharing their favourite Ramadan recipes for a chance to win enticing prizes. Including cases of FIJI Water or Rockit Apples accompanied by a smartwatch or a blender.

Mindful Timing:

The daily routine changes significantly during Ramadan. Schedule your marketing activities to align with these shifts, perhaps timing social media posts to coincide with Iftar when families are together and more likely to engage online. At Amplify, we tailor our social media calendars to align with these lifestyle adjustments, specifically scheduling our posts to go live around Iftar and later in the evening. This strategic timing was chosen based on insights that these periods saw heightened online activity, ensuring our content reached our audience when they were most engaged.

Customise Offerings for Ramadan:

Tailoring your products or services for Ramadan not only demonstrates thoughtfulness but also meets your customers’ needs during the month. Special offers, Ramadan-themed products, or services that cater to the night-time activity surge are ways to show your brand’s consideration. At Amplify, we took a creative approach to honour the spirit of Ramadan by collaborating with a local artist, to create some limited-edition Ramadan themed gift boxes. In addition to the collaboration, we developed a CSR campaign for Rockit, partnering with Emirates Red Crescent, Rockit donated a percentage of sales from the themed Ramadan boxes to Charitable causes in the region. Moreover, we refreshed Rockit’s online presence with Ramadan-themed web banners and advertisements, fully immersing their digital footprint in the celebratory essence of the month.

The essence of Ramadan provides a golden opportunity for brands to engage with audiences on a deeper level. Through thoughtful strategies and culturally aligned campaigns, as demonstrated by Amplify’s work with FIJI Water and Rockit Apples, brands can significantly enhance their connection with communities during this holy month.

Looking to make a meaningful impact this Ramadan? Reach out to Amplify for expert guidance on crafting successful Ramadan marketing initiatives that truly resonate.

Amplify Services Include Business to Business Marketing

Amplify Services Include Business to Business Marketing

Following on from our previous blogs, where we have shared examples of different types of marketing and the importance of planning and having a marketing strategy in place. For you to achieve success in these areas it’s also important to identify your target audience and then ensure everything you do centres around them.

Identifying Buying behaviour

To support our clients in marketing their products or services properly it’s essential for them firstly to identify customer’s buying behaviour. By recognising the consumer’s behaviour, e.g. why they buy a certain product or chose a certain brand enables us to identify how to encourage and persuade the consumer to buy a different product or service. Buying behaviour is usually split into two sections, whether selling to the consumer (known as business to consumer B2C) or to another business (known as business to business B2B).

Business to Consumer Buying Behaviour

This type of behaviour focuses on the consumer and their purchase of a product or service. For example if a consumer wanted to purchase a pair of running shoes, they would source different information on the types and brands available. This may involve them visiting shopping malls, sports shops, searching online or talking to friends or family. Once they have decided on a product they will make the purchase. After this the consumer will evaluate the value of the running shoes, usually if the value is high they will repeat the purchase. This can then develop loyalty for the product / brand.

Business to Business Buying Behaviour

Relates to organisational or industrial buying behaviour. Companies tend to buy either wholesale from other businesses or directly from the manufacturer in contracts or agreements. B2B marketing consists of one business marketing their product or service directly to another business.

For further support on identifying your target audience, marketing planning or creating a full marketing strategy, get in touch! We have the knowledge and expertise to support your business and help achieve future success.


Digital transformation is the new marketing buzzword that is sweeping global markets. People are using it to describe anything from a responsive website to a social media strategy. However, it is much more than just promoting products and services to the end user. A digital transformation is also an organisational change which impacts employees everyday processes.

When implemented correctly. It can allow businesses to become more efficient due to their data-driven accuracy. Allowing them to reap the rewards and take advantage of new business opportunities.

What is a digital transformation?

A digital transformation is the use of digital capabilities that improve business efficiency, customer value manages risk and highlights new monetisation opportunities.

Why do businesses need a digital transformation?

In an increasingly digital world, adapting and growing digitally is critical to business success. Businesses that don’t embrace the digital transformation risk being left behind. As competitors take advantage of the benefits of operating in a digital world.

Employees want to work for digital leaders. They are continuously scoping out the best digital businesses and opportunities. Highlighting the need for organisations to continually up their digital game to retain and attract them.

From smart technology that enables employees to stay organised to scheduling customer service priorities. Going digital can improve the experience for everyone involved with a business.

Businesses can acquire the profitable rewards for going digital as improving efficiency and productivity within your organisation trickles down to a faster, more pleasant, and improved customer experience.

What does a digital transformation involve?

Cultural Revolution

Digitalisation is no longer just an add-on feature to existing channels, products and services. Implementing a digital transformation strategy must be deep-rooted within the culture of an organisation in order to fulfil the success that it promises. It has the ability to empower staff by improving their capabilities and deliver a more cohesive working environment.

Data Driven

A digital transformation will encourage businesses to become data-driven. Having a whole host of new information about customer purchasing habits, behaviours and attitudes are great, businesses just need to ensure that they employ and train talent who can interpret it and translate it into meaningful data.

Constant Evolution

The most important step to a successful digital strategy is being open to change. Businesses need to be ready and raring to transform their organisation as their customers request it. Analytics need to continuously monitored to measure success, weaknesses and opportunities and then adapted to any emerging patterns.

Contact us and see how we can help you with your digital transformation.

Top Tips to Improve your Internal Marketing Communications!

Communicating with employees is no longer a secondary business practice to external communications. Internal marketing communications is a key business function that inspires and aligns your whole organisation.


A linchpin in the success of internal marketing communications is that employees should never learn about important company news from an external source. Information is becoming evermore accessible and organisations need to prepare a strategy that matches the external speed at which information is published and make company news, operations announcements and even crises immediately accessible to staff.

Remaining in control of messages around the business will also do wonders for squashing any unwanted rumours. Communicating timely and frequently will slow down that pesky rumour mill and help employees have access to accurate information that cannot be misinterpreted.


Here at Amplify, we are proud partners of the internal marketing communication experts – Appspace. Appspace allows for a fast, interactive, and reliable channel to reach all employees, boosting transparency and trust. Our unique privilege allows us to experience the benefits of businesses investing in internal marketing communication software, that allows branded internal communications to be broadcast to all or selected employees in an instant, on any device. This allows your team to be kept informed and engaged by sharing the latest news and announcements, dashboards, reports, live TV, training, town halls and social activities on digital signs.


In life, everyone wants a purpose, and this is no different for internal employees. Employees want to know the goals of an organisation, understand strategy to achieve the goals and be confident that they can contribute to those goals. By incorporating your businesses goals into the internal marketing communications, they will feel valued, listened to, and most important part of the team. A recent global survey of 26,000 LinkedIn members, taken by the research firm Imperative, found that 73% of its participants want a career in which they feel that their job matters.


It’s all good and well putting the information out to your employees, but the biggest challenge is getting them to actually read and eventually engage with it.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. With that in mind, combine your written communications with exciting and colourful visuals to catch the eye of your employees. After all, we retain 65% of visual communication – as opposed to a mere 10-20% of copy.

In fact, we have recently worked with Google, to produce an internal functional interface and subsequently an external consumer-facing app which was launched to the industry at the worlds largest retail trade association exhibition – The National Retail Federation (NRF) 2018. 


To succeed in the marketplace, you need to succeed in the workplace. That starts with engaging employees. Working with an external independent source to help navigate an internal marketing communications strategy, such as an agency will remove any company politics and ensure that those nitty-gritty questions are asked. This neutrality is often the key to unlocking solutions to organisational challenges, underpinning the development of effective internal marketing communications strategies.

Contact us for more information on how Amplify can support with Internal Communications.

Amplify your Social Media Campaigns!

Are you ready to supercharge your display communications and social media marketing with a social media wall advertising?

This cloud based software platform allows brand managers and marketing teams to pull all of their social content, including hash tags, images, videos, and even fans content into one organised display.

Social Media Wall Advertising software is extremely simple to use, it includes built in automated moderation meaning rogue or offensive posts are automatically removed. Content is automatically updated via the cloud, and the social wall can even be set to “Live mode” allowing users to share posts on the big scree live.

Where would I use the Social media wall software?

  • Internal communications – If you run a digital signage network this software is ideal, the software integrates with the major digital signage platforms like Appspace and signage live.
  • Activations, Exhibitions & Events – Imagine your event with a huge screen and all of your internal and external tweets, Instagrams, or Facebooks posts being seen live on the big screen, with users allowed to engage live.

Why use social media wall advertising?

  • Increase your social media engagement
  • Increase your engagement on social media campaigns
  • A brilliant and cost effective way of producing content for your digital signage or event screens.
  • Stand out and amplify your digital marketing.

If you would like a free consultation, contact us now!

Compare the best ways to boost your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing relies on a successful strategy that includes a range of methods to suit your budget, business and target audience.

When it comes to choosing the right channels it can feel like a minefield. It’s important to have a basic understanding of the methods and how they can benefit your brand or business. This blog will give you an insight into popular digital marketing channels available including SEO, SEM and PPC.

Websites and Search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO should appear at the top of your strategy and should be the first thing to consider as part of your digital marketing plan. Many companies promise that they can ‘guarantee’ you results when it comes to 1st page on major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo. However this is very hard to achieve if key principles are not integrated into the design and site map at the build stage of your website.

By ensuring your website is fully optimised will help you to stay ahead of your competitors and drive traffic to your website. Increasing your search engine visability is something that can be done over time so that more people will visit your site. Some simple things to increase your SEO includes optimizing all of your images, using meta titles, integrating your social media channels and structure URL’s.

Search engine marketing (SEM)

This form of digital marketing involves promoting your website to increase in search engine results pages e.g. Google, through paid advertising.

Pay per click

PPC is another form of paid digital advertising. Essentially it’s a way of buying visits to your site using a clickable advert, rather than growing visits organically. Search engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC. This method relies on the use of keywords, together with good website content that will engage consumers to click on your links and visit your site. You can set your own budgets and turn the advertising on and off whenever needed. Therefore a great option if you’re looking to test different channels and budgets.

“Marketers continue to spend heavily on online advertising. After SEM, online display advertising (banner ads and retargeting) capture the biggest share of online spending at 34%, representing roughly 10% of total marketing budgets”.

If you require support with your digital marketing campaigns or would like some more information on how Amplify can promote your brand via digital touch-points, contact us via

Benefits to Digital Marketing

Experience digital marketing success by creating a strong strategy that will work well not only online but across a range of mobile devices.

For brands or businesses with a small budget, digital marketing is a great option for you. Here’s why:

Digital marketing provides LIVE results! 

No waiting around. With digital marketing you can start an immediate campaign and track it’s success whilst it’s still running. This means, if it isn’t working as you had hoped, you can amend it or stop completely and try a different tactic. At the touch of a button you can measure how well your posts are performing, see live analytics including an increase in subscribers or visitors to your website.

Get SOCIAL with your target audience

With social media you have the potential to reach a huge targeted audience. Rather than place an advert on a billboard and be unable to target a specific audience. Digital advertising not only enables you to target anyone looking to purchase your product or who is researching your brand. But it creates an opportunity for you to talk to them in meaningful ways. You can respond to any questions they may have, join conversations and take on any feedback.

MEASURE return of investment

Most traditional forms of marketing and advertising can be expensive and it’s always often difficult to measure their success. Television, print and radio are a one-way communication with the consumer so can be hard to gauge an accurate return of investment. With digital, for example social media, banner advertising or email marketing you can measure clicks, interactions and open up a two way communication with your target audience. For example CPC (cost per click) you can measure every time someone interacts with your digital campaign, enabling you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising easily.

For support with your digital marketing campaigns, contact Amplify for a free consultation. You’ll be amazed by our ideas and value for money!