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There are lots of different options to enhance the wayfinding experience. We would advise to use RFID technology, as this particular wayfinding system is considered as an intelligent one. Here’s a brief explanation of how it can work.. Upon arrival the user is registered and given a badge containing an RFID. The first destination point, public facility, amenity or library asset, can either be searched on touch panel or encoded upon request by the Welcome Desk.

As the user is approaching another way finding kiosk, the system will automatically detect and associate the user ID with the previously intended destination. Following the association, the system will know the exact position of the user and guide him to the final destination. All intended functionalities, as written in the main document, are compatible with this system. Intuitive helpful search experience, intelligent destination recommendations based on your library member profile, popular searches, facial recognition, updated routes, multiple searches, etc. are features that will be included in the wayfinding experience. Combined with RFID for car location and video sharing, we will have the whole system database updating in real-time.

Amplify has recently created a wayfinder experience for AXIS, view the case study to learn more.


Amplify can create a range of bespoke wayfinding experiences that can be adapted to suit each branch or building, view some of our recent projects below.


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