As Ramadan approaches, brands have the unique opportunity to connect with their audiences in a meaningful way. At Amplify, we understand the importance of crafting marketing strategies and campaigns that resonate with the spirit of Ramadan while respecting its core values. Here, we provide insights into crafting successful Ramadan marketing initiatives during this holy month. Alongside examples of successful Ramadan campaigns developed by Amplify.

Reflect on Ramadan’s Values:

Ramadan is more than just fasting. It’s a period of community, giving back, and gratitude. Align your brand’s messaging with these principles by initiating campaigns that support charitable endeavours. Or by collaborating with local charities. Additionally, emphasising the themes of family unity and collective spirit in your messaging. This can further align with the spirit of Ramadan. During this Ramadan and last, Amplify has created and launched campaigns for FIJI Water across multiple social media channels. Including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. The campaign named “Break A Fast with FIJI Water” showcased families and friends coming together for Iftar. Celebrating the moment of breaking their fast with FIJI Water. Last year’s campaign not only resonated deeply within the community but also surpassed our KPIs. By an impressive 46.33%, marking a significant achievement for the brand.

Deliver Value-Driven Content:

Content that educates or adds value can be particularly impactful during Ramadan. Consider content that offers fasting tips, highlights inspirational stories, or features community achievements. Engagement can also be encouraged through social media polls or giveaways centred around Ramadan themes. Over the last few years, Amplify has collaborated with Rockit Apple to create various engaging initiatives for families. This included developing downloadable colouring sheets for children, providing a fun, interactive activity for parents and kids. In addition to this, we developed Ramadan Giveaways for both Rockit and FIJI water. Participants were invited to engage in activities such as sharing their favourite Ramadan recipes for a chance to win enticing prizes. Including cases of FIJI Water or Rockit Apples accompanied by a smartwatch or a blender.

Mindful Timing:

The daily routine changes significantly during Ramadan. Schedule your marketing activities to align with these shifts, perhaps timing social media posts to coincide with Iftar when families are together and more likely to engage online. At Amplify, we tailor our social media calendars to align with these lifestyle adjustments, specifically scheduling our posts to go live around Iftar and later in the evening. This strategic timing was chosen based on insights that these periods saw heightened online activity, ensuring our content reached our audience when they were most engaged.

Customise Offerings for Ramadan:

Tailoring your products or services for Ramadan not only demonstrates thoughtfulness but also meets your customers’ needs during the month. Special offers, Ramadan-themed products, or services that cater to the night-time activity surge are ways to show your brand’s consideration. At Amplify, we took a creative approach to honour the spirit of Ramadan by collaborating with a local artist, to create some limited-edition Ramadan themed gift boxes. In addition to the collaboration, we developed a CSR campaign for Rockit, partnering with Emirates Red Crescent, Rockit donated a percentage of sales from the themed Ramadan boxes to Charitable causes in the region. Moreover, we refreshed Rockit’s online presence with Ramadan-themed web banners and advertisements, fully immersing their digital footprint in the celebratory essence of the month.

The essence of Ramadan provides a golden opportunity for brands to engage with audiences on a deeper level. Through thoughtful strategies and culturally aligned campaigns, as demonstrated by Amplify’s work with FIJI Water and Rockit Apples, brands can significantly enhance their connection with communities during this holy month.

Looking to make a meaningful impact this Ramadan? Reach out to Amplify for expert guidance on crafting successful Ramadan marketing initiatives that truly resonate.

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