Amplifying Brand Presence in the GCC and Beyond

 FIJI Water’s Digital Triumph: Amplifying Brand Presence in the GCC and Beyond with Amplify

When FIJI Water sought to enhance their brand’s digital presence in the GCC back in 2018, they turned to Amplify. A social media agency known for its strategic expertise and innovative approaches. Our mission was clear. Devise and implement a digital marketing strategy that not only increased brand visibility. But also boosted sales across the region.

Our team at Amplify accepted the challenge. Crafting an always-on marketing strategy complemented by comprehensive 360-degree quarterly brand campaigns. These efforts weren’t just a shot in the dark. They were meticulously planned, data-driven manoeuvres designed to make a significant impact. And that’s exactly what they did. Within a mere six months, our initiatives had not only met FIJI Water’s goals—they had surpassed them. Drawing the attention of the global team and prompting a pitch for the UK and Europe accounts.

Over the course of five years, Amplify’s dedication and consistent performance have made us a mainstay in FIJI Water’s marketing journey.

In 2022, we’ve taken our efforts to new heights, propelling brand awareness in the UK market from position five to a staggering three. This significant leap in brand recognition is a testament to the efficacy of our holistic marketing approach.


At Amplify, we understand that awareness alone doesn’t capture the full picture. Engagement and sales are the true testaments of a brand’s resonance with its audience. It is here that our campaigns have truly shone, sparking social engagement and driving sales not only in the Middle East but also across the UK and Europe.

Our strategic collaborations have played a pivotal role in cementing FIJI Water’s premium status. Partnerships with high-profile events and publications like London in the Sky, the National Film Awards UK, META Film Fest UAE, Spinneys Dubai 92, London Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion Week, and FOUR Magazine have positioned FIJI Water at the forefront of consumers’ minds as the go-to premium water brand.

As a social media agency, Amplify doesn’t just look to current trends—we anticipate them. Our success with FIJI Water illustrates our commitment to not only understanding the digital landscape but also shaping it. We harness the power of social media, influencer partnerships, and targeted content to ensure that our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Looking forward, Amplify is poised to continue driving growth for FIJI Water. Leveraging our deep expertise in social media and digital marketing to deliver strategies that resonate across cultures and languages. Our journey with FIJI Water is a clear indicator of how a forward-thinking social media agency can impact global brands. Ensuring that their message is not only heard but embraced by consumers worldwide.

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