Communicating with employees is no longer a secondary business practice to external communications. Internal marketing communications is a key business function that inspires and aligns your whole organisation.


A linchpin in the success of internal marketing communications is that employees should never learn about important company news from an external source. Information is becoming evermore accessible and organisations need to prepare a strategy that matches the external speed at which information is published and make company news, operations announcements and even crises immediately accessible to staff.

Remaining in control of messages around the business will also do wonders for squashing any unwanted rumours. Communicating timely and frequently will slow down that pesky rumour mill and help employees have access to accurate information that cannot be misinterpreted.


Here at Amplify, we are proud partners of the internal marketing communication experts – Appspace. Appspace allows for a fast, interactive, and reliable channel to reach all employees, boosting transparency and trust. Our unique privilege allows us to experience the benefits of businesses investing in internal marketing communication software, that allows branded internal communications to be broadcast to all or selected employees in an instant, on any device. This allows your team to be kept informed and engaged by sharing the latest news and announcements, dashboards, reports, live TV, training, town halls and social activities on digital signs.


In life, everyone wants a purpose, and this is no different for internal employees. Employees want to know the goals of an organisation, understand strategy to achieve the goals and be confident that they can contribute to those goals. By incorporating your businesses goals into the internal marketing communications, they will feel valued, listened to, and most important part of the team. A recent global survey of 26,000 LinkedIn members, taken by the research firm Imperative, found that 73% of its participants want a career in which they feel that their job matters.


It’s all good and well putting the information out to your employees, but the biggest challenge is getting them to actually read and eventually engage with it.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. With that in mind, combine your written communications with exciting and colourful visuals to catch the eye of your employees. After all, we retain 65% of visual communication – as opposed to a mere 10-20% of copy.

In fact, we have recently worked with Google, to produce an internal functional interface and subsequently an external consumer-facing app which was launched to the industry at the worlds largest retail trade association exhibition – The National Retail Federation (NRF) 2018. 


To succeed in the marketplace, you need to succeed in the workplace. That starts with engaging employees. Working with an external independent source to help navigate an internal marketing communications strategy, such as an agency will remove any company politics and ensure that those nitty-gritty questions are asked. This neutrality is often the key to unlocking solutions to organisational challenges, underpinning the development of effective internal marketing communications strategies.

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