Amplify has designed and built various websites that include WordPress, HTML and e-commerce.

The type of website always depends on the clients requirements and what they are looking to achieve. We have given a brief description of each below:


WordPress began life as a blogging platform but has evolved into one of the easiest to use, comprehensive content management systems (CMS) on the market. This means that websites can be designed and built quickly and effectively. They are easy to manage and maintain, and comes with the latest coding so it’s super search engine friendly. WordPress is a lightweight CMS and gives you full control of your meta data, content and URL structure with the ability to add sections pages and posts at will.
We can provide easy to use guides as well as video tutorials to show you how pages can be updated, simply & quickly.

We love nothing more than designing and building effective websites for our customers. Whether you’re a one man band, or a medium size enterprise, we can give you a website that is well designed, search engine friendly and easy to manage and maintain.


HyperText Markup Language usually shortened to HTML is the programmable language used to build up web pages. Along with CSS and JavaScript, HTML is the cornerstone technology used to create a website. Images and objects are embedded into this to create more interactive forms.


This is is commonly used for buying and selling across the internet, using technology for online payments, supply chain management, inventory management and data exchange to name a few, the site allows consumers to electronically exchange goods and services around the world. These type of sites are increased dramatically over the past 5 years and predicted to continue over the coming years. To create a successful online store its essential to research and understand the e-commerce guidelines and principles. It is also important to implement an e-business plan to achieve success.

For more information on the services we offer and our recommendations for your business, contact us today & we will be more than happy to help. We also offer a one off or various monthly SEO/Social Media packages, ask us for more info!

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